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2006 Ford F250 - Dressed To Impress

This F-250 Is Dressed Out To The Max With Cool Parts

Bob Carpenter
Apr 1, 2011
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
We see trucks built all the time that promote a company's product or a combination of products, and there's no place better than the annual SEMA trade show to discover these vehicles. One such truck, built by Diesel Emission Technologies (DET), caught our attention, as it really pulls together a compilation of serious parts in a way that looks awesome. First off, what is DET? Well, DET is a company that's dedicated to developing low-emissions exhaust systems for light-, medium-, and heavy-duty diesel engines. To in aid the development process and provide the company a diesel engine to test on, DET purchased an '06 F-250 with a 6.0L diesel. DET's vision was to create a powerful everyday driver that would showcase its emissions control device and hold its own on the showroom floor.
Photo 2/37   |   Every inch of this F-250 is packed full of useful aftermarket products.
In search of more power, the team employed the help of some industry friends and approached ATS Diesel Performance about some much needed engine modifications. The result was a full overhaul. ATS outfitted the Ford with the ATS Aurora 3000 turbo, ATS injectors, injector pumps, and head bolts, and an ATS SubZero intercooler. The engine is controlled by an ATS E-Power programmer, and an ATS transmission and clutch keep the truck running smooth.
Photo 3/37   |   Diesel Emission Technologies built this '06 Ford F-250 pickup as a testbed for the company's products...and a bevy of other companies' products, too.
With all that power on tap, it was time to control the exhaust with an emissions-free exhaust system from DET. This system includes DET's custom high-flow SmartTrap diesel particulate filter (DPF). The SmartTrap system is controlled by the DET SmartECU electronics package, canned in DET's patented ModuLink construction technique and features a unique substrate from Dow Automotive. The exhaust is completed with a custom 6-inch carbon-fiber Gorilla exhaust stack kit from Dynaflex Products and a Green high-performance cold-air intake.
After the performance modifications had been completed, DET's focus turned to the exterior and interior façade of the black F-250. The added power didn't seem appropriate without first upgrading the suspension, wheels, and tires. What ensued was a complete 8-inch Fabtech suspension system with a custom SMP-fabworks drag link, 20-inch MKW M26 wheels, and 38x20-inch Nitto Mud Grappler tires.
Photo 4/37   |   Top Stitch jazzed up the interior so the passengers would feel special.
The crew equipped the front and back of the truck with heavy-duty Road Armor bumpers, dressed the roof up with an SMP-fabworks roof rack, and outfitted it with Lightforce lights. An AMP Research PowerStep allows you to easily climb inside the company-themed custom leather interior by Top Stitch. Once in the driver seat, your eyes are drawn to the gauges powered by Auto Meter, a GPS, and rear seat-mounted TVs. Looking in the rearview mirror, you might notice a bed lined with Line-X, an IFW Bedslide outfitted with a custom SMP-fabworks diamond-plate shell, and wide front and back fenders by Hannemann fiberglass. An aftermarket hood by Cervini, headlights by Recon, taillights from In Pro Car Wear, two Optima batteries, and company vinyls by Rock Solid Designs complete the project and make this a very unique company truck.
There's nothing better than a well-thought-out truck that uses stout products from the aftermarket industry. Kudos to DET for building a nice truck that most people can picture themselves driving.
The Stats
Owner: Diesel Emission Technologies
City/State: Orange, California
Year/Make/Model: '06 Ford F-250 crew cab 4x4
Color: Black
Estimated Horsepower and Torque: 500 hp and 800 lb-ft
Air Intake: Green high-performance cold-air intake
Exhaust: DET SmartTrap with Gorilla Exhaust 6-inch carbon-fiber stacks
Turbocharger: ATS Diesel Performance Aurora 3000
Injectors: ATS Diesel Performance
Injection Pump: ATS Diesel Performance
Intercooler: ATS Diesel Performance SubZero
Programmer: ATS Diesel Performance E-Power
Transmission Type: ATS Diesel Performance
Torque Converter: ATS Diesel Performance
Internal Modifications: ATS Diesel Performance head studs
Suspension: 8-inch Fabtech lift
Shocks: Fabtech
Custom Suspension Parts: SMP-fabworks drag link
Tires: 38x20-inch Nitto Mud Grapplers
Wheels: MKW M26
Front Bumper: Road Armor with SMP-fabworks lightbar
Rear Bumper: Road Armor
Roof Rack: SMP-fabworks
Front and Rear Fenders: Hannemann fiberglass
Lights: Lightforce
Gauges: Auto Meter
Bedslide: IFW Bedslide with SMP-fabworks diamond-plate
Bedliner: Line-X
Upholstery: Top Stitch
PowerStep and Bed Step: AMP Research
Batteries: Two Optima YellowTop
Taillights/Brake Light: In Pro Car Wear
Hood: Cervini's Auto Designs
Window Tint: Professional Glass Tinting in Van Nuys, California
Vinyl Graphics: Rock Solid Designs
Headlight and Mirror Lens: Recon
Photo 20/37   |   2006 Ford F250 right Rear
Dow Automotive
ATS Diesel Performance
Top Stitch
Auto Meter
UltraDot Media
Tube Service
Green Filter USA
In Pro Car Wear
Rock Solid Designs
Servin Mobile Truck Wash
Professional Glass Tinting
Special Thanks To
Dynaflex Products
Custom Laser Works
Sutherland Diesel Performance
Ortega Auto Body
Specialists Automotive Detailing


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