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Lifted 2004 Chevy Silverado - Mine's Better

On and on...

Brandan Gillogly
May 1, 2011
Photographers: Brandan Gillogly, Maxwell Matthewson
For Noe Rascón, building this '04 Silverado started out innocent enough with a simple lift kit. Before he knew it, the build escalated into a back and forth competition with his nephew, Orlando, who got him involved in the custom truck hobby eight years ago. Over the course of four years, the truck was transformed into this wild, dual-paint-scheme machine that makes a bold statement wherever it goes.
Photo 2/9   |   2004 Chevy Silverado right Front Angle
The stock truck began its transformation at Unique 4x4, in Gilbert, Arizona, where Chad Tant installed the 9-inch Truckin' lift kit and 3-inch body lift. With plenty of clearance thanks to 12 inches of lift, on went a set of 24x11-inch MKW26 wheels mounted to 37x13.5 Toyo M/T tires, with chrome on one side and black on the other. The wide open spokes of the MKW wheels shed a lot of light on the stock brakes, so Noe upgraded to Baer rotors and calipers for the aesthetics as well as the vastly increased stopping power and safety.
With the stopping part of the equation handled, it was time to focus on the truck's acceleration. The 37-inch tires were a handful for the 5.3L to move through the stock gears and axles, so a beefy 14-bolt rearend was installed with six-bolt axles and 4.56 gears and an Eaton limited slip courtesy of Arizona Differential. Next, the truck visited Pro Dyno, in Phoenix, where Charles Hendrickson opened up the 5.3L V-8 with a .571-inch lift Comp cam before a Magnacharger was bolted into the intake valley. With the increased lift and duration, the Magnacharger only needs to add 7.5 pounds of boost to rocket the truck up to speed. Of course the Dynatech ceramic-coated headers, Magnaflow exhaust, and Volant intake help as well.
Photo 3/9   |   2004 Chevy Silverado engine Bay
Inside the truck, Noe swapped in an Escalade interior that was first wrapped in ostrich leather, which Lorenzo's upholstery in Mesa, Arizona, also used to cover the factory seats, with gray suede for the headliner. Surrounded by the suede is a 20-inch drop-down monitor that's flanked by monitors in the headrests. The video and audio signals are routed from a Power Acoustic head unit to JL Audio amps and finally the four 10-inch JL Audio subs mounted behind the rear seat and Boston Acoustic components in the doors.
Now for the most head-turning aspect that makes the truck truly stand out-the body. An Escalade front clip was used to correspond with the interior, while Cadillac Deville LED taillights were mounted out back after the rear taillights were filled with sheetmetal. The tailgate handle was shaved in preparation for the graphics, but the door handles remain, although upgraded with pieces from Grippin Billet. Tommy Fisher, of Mesa, Arizona, handled the body modifications and prep that culminated in one half of the truck getting silver and charcoal two-tone separated by a silver, ostrich-textured graphic down the center, while Jaime Rodrigues and his airbrush worked overtime making the passenger side erupt in an inferno of flames. As if the truck wasn't a large enough canvas, Noe also built a trailer from an 8-foot Silverado bed to haul his quad, which matches the truck in both paint scheme and wheel and tire combo!
Photo 4/9   |   2004 Chevy Silverado left Rear Angle
Special thanks go out to Noe's wife, Vanessa, for all of her support as well as Noe's friend Tommy for all of his hard work and inspiration and Max for making sure the truck looks its best. With his truck finally complete inside and out after a four-year build process, Noe is considering going bigger with the lift. Keep your eyes open for an even crazier version of this truck for this year's show season.



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