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Fantasy ’50 - 1950 Chevy Pickup

Fulfilling The Dream With This Classic Chevy

John Mata Jr.
Jun 1, 2011
Photographers: Dan Ward
Most every truck enthusiast has one exact make and model hauler that they would like to own one day, and if they play their cards right, shape it into a true showstopping piece of machinery. For Demetrio Chavez, from Houston, Texas, his Holy Grail of trucks happened to be a ’50 Chevy Advance Design pickup, and he pulled every string, and made every arrangement possible, to ensure that he was taking steps closer to wrapping his hands around the wheel of his dream ride.
Photo 2/8   |   1950 Chevy Advanced Design left Front
In ’97, Demetrio locked down a rotting carcass of a ’50 pickup for a measly $500mere chump change for an item that would kick-start the beginning of a lifelong fantasy. Of course, that initial figure has been inflated with a couple zeros once all the parts receipts and bills for custom crafting were tallied, but that goes with the territory. And who really wants to sit around and gripe about the price tag attached to their personal dream? Demetrio sure didn’t, and he didn’t once flinch when the time came to select a shop to spark the fire underneath the build. Ektensive Metalworks, also in Houston, gladly accepted Demetrio’s invitation to play a vital role in restoring the 60-year-old Chevy. Firestone bags were plumbed with -inch copper hard lines, which were plugged into a tandem Viair 380C compressor-fed 7-gallon tank. The Ekstensive boys are well known for creating scratch-built, bulletproof suspension systems, and the two-link setup with Panhard bar that was fabbed for this ’50 supports their reputation for superb quality.
Photo 3/8   |   The updated, yet classic appeal of 20-inch KMC Nova wheels fit Demetrio’s ’50 perfectly.
Demetrio’s vision was now showing real signs of development, but his dream truck was one that sounded as mean as it looked, so he recruited his Houston-based buddy, Ramiro Serda, to build up a 350ci motor with a growl deep enough to rattle a rib loose. A Holley 650 four-barrel carb, Crane 290 cam, Hooker ceramic coated headers, and an Ekstensive-built 3-inch exhaust system have come together to produce a healthy rumble as well as a swift step.
Photo 4/8   |   1950 Chevy Advanced Design engine Bay
The exterior was treated to a hearty helping of attention, and Ekstenive was there every step of the way as they tamed the classic steel, shaved a few items, and sprayed the prepped metal with vibrant PPG Orange Sunburst color. Lion Miramontes also lent some assistance by creating a fresh front bumper and lots of other miscellaneous stainless parts that the truck was in desperate need of. A custom classic truck with as much character as Demetrio’s can’t go wrong with a touch of a tried and true styling, and to make that point clear, a wood bed floor complete with stainless stringers was confidently laid into position.
Over the course of the build process, Demetrio informed us that he was constantly receiving comments from people trying to sway his modification decisions but he stuck with what he wanted, and all he’s been hearing is praise from every direction now that everything’s a wrap. We’re sure he didn’t get any grief for having the cool factory gauges rebuilt or transplanting the Harley-Davidson edition F-150 seats into the ’50’s cab. Maybe there were a few naysayers that disliked the idea of brown and tan leather wrapped panels and plush upholstery work that Advanced Auto Trim, also in Houston, handled with flawless execution. It’s doubtful that there were any complaints about the one-off center console that has been stuffed with Rockford Fosgate 10-inch P2 subs. Whoever they’ were that suggested Demetrio do things differently should’ve had a little more faith in him. This truck is his dream after all.
Photo 5/8   |   1950 Chevy Advanced Design interior
With the ’50 finally being finished, and having toured the show circuit a bit, Demetrio is most certainly experiencing the elusive and absolutely euphoric state of heaven on earth. Special thanks are extended to Demetrio’s family, Ekstensive Metalworks, Ramiro, Lion, Bill, Derek, Eric, Rudy, Gorupo, Sylvia, Eric, Noe, Marissa Chavez, and Jorge Ornelos for his dedication from start to finish.



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