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2011 Chevy 2500HD - The Great Tow Monster

A Truck Built with a Towing Vengeance

Steve Warner
Aug 1, 2011
Photographers: Steve Warner, Bob Carpenter
It seems like the OEM manufacturers of late have been engaging in a who-has-the-baddest-tow-vehicles-around war. And we aren’t talking about payload capacities or anything like that. We are referring to pure power, pure torque, and pure evil.
Photo 2/44   |   What’s the baddest tow vehicle around? Many say the ’11 Chevy 2500HD fits the bill.
While many OEMs can claim towing superiority, only one currently ranks as the undisputed heavyweight tow monster. That title for 2011 goes to GM and its mighty Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD Duramax diesel truck. It was with that intention in mind that Impulse Marketing & Media (IMM) set out to take advantage of what the factory had to offer—and make it better to showcase the company’s multiple talents and eagerness for high-end corporate vehicle builds. And what better way to showcase the towing prowess of the HD than to haul a ’51 Chevy Fleetline sedan on a Bear TrailerSports car hauler behind the truck? The trailer has 18-inch American Racing Dale Earnhardt wheels with Continental rubber.
Photo 3/44   |   2011 Chevy 2500 Great Tow Monster web Exclusives
In order to get the massive beast ready for show worthiness, the truck was treated to many enhancements along the way, including an all-new suspension lift, new paint, new wheels and tires, audio enhancements, and a host of other modifications that we will get into as we explore what makes this truck the great tow monster it is.
The ’11 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD began life as a bone-stock truck—with literally 21 miles on its odometer—before it was dropped off to the paint experts at L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California, for the extensive PPG hues that now cover the exterior.
Photo 4/44   |   Theresa Contreras of L&G Enterprises in San Dimas, California, applied the extensive PPG color treatment.
However, prior to the truck getting sprayed, it was given a cosmetic cleanup, which included shaving and filling the factory roof marker lights and removing all the exterior badging. Then it was off to the body shop for a thorough sanding to the bare metal before multiple coats of PPG Black were applied as the basecoat. After the Black came Vibrance VM4205 Orange, PPG Standard Big Flake VM4402 Silver, and finally many more coats of Deltron 2000 Basecoat 4.5 VOC Basecoat/Clearcoat—all expertly sprayed and applied by Theresa Contreras of L&G. To round out the exterior hues, Theresa then went back over the PPG Vibrance Orange and added several accent pinstripes to the hood and sides to finish off the truck’s brilliant new hues.
The final piece de resistance was the new exterior badging Theresa recreated simply by scanning the OEM logos into the computer and designing vinyl masks in their place. Once applied, the new factory airbrushed logos were then highlighted in layers of darker silver, black, and yellow, making the new airbrushing appear almost three-dimensional. The overall look is amazing, and the tailgate gets more than its fair share of rubbing from show-goers trying to figure out why the logo looks the way it does. Upon completion of the exterior, Recon Truck Accessories was called upon to add its Line of Fire 60-inch rear lightbar, which looks incredible combined with the smoked taillight lenses.
In place of the factory grille shell, Street Scene Equipment developed a brand-new billet grille to complement its ever-growing line of billet grilles. The difference between this version and the company’s other billet grilles is this one was powdercoated in all black in keeping with the exterior theme. Finally, a LEER 550 flat, over-the-rail, single-lever, lockable tonneau cover was added to protect valuable cargo underneath it. As if that weren’t enough, a color-matched bed rug made from high-density polypropylene foam and marine-grade fade-resistant carpeting was added as well.
Photo 5/44   |   Street Scene Equipment developed a brand-new billet grille for the ’11. This one was powdercoated black.
With the exterior apportionments completed, the Silverado was off to AMP Research in Irvine, California, for fitment of the company’s new fully retractable PowerStep running boards as well as the all-new SideStep and rear BedStep—all of which were prototyped on the IMM Silverado. What makes these new SideSteps unique is that all ’11 Silverados fit with the Duramax diesel engine have an under-cab-mounted DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) tank that holds 5 gallons of liquid urea. The problems arose when AMP Research attempted to place the front mount in its traditional location, similar to past year Silverados. However, the DEF tank sits outboard of the truck’s framerail, rendering it impossible to place the front AMP mount. No problem. AMP Research simply went back to the drawing board and created not only an all-new step that is three times stronger and lighter than past boards, but the way the new step mounts completely hides the obnoxious DEF tank from view. This is especially important on a lifted truck when underside aesthetics are almost as important as the topside aesthetics. The other unique items are the rear BedStep and SideStep that make accessing the rear bed that much easier.
Photo 9/44   |   2011 Chevy 2500 Great Tow Monster web Exclusives
With the all the exterior brightwork complete, the Silverado was given to Fabtech Motorsports to be fit with the company’s all-new 6-inch RTS suspension system. The cutting-edge system keeps the torsion bars raised up in the stock location and needs no modifications to the existing factory brake lines. Several things make the RTS system unique, including the new tie-rod ends from Fabtech. The existing factory units are always the weak link in any aftermarket suspension system, so Fabtech incorporates brand-new super-heavy-duty tie rods designed specifically for large off-road tires, and unlike many companies out there, Fabtech retains the dual factory bumpstops. So the impact load is spread over both stops rather than a single one. Utilizing Fabtech’s proprietary lift spindles up front, the truck now sits nicely. Out back, a combination lift block and a set of Chassis Tech airbags fit with custom-made brackets were incorporated into the rear suspension, all of which was cab mounted with an onboard air compressor. Finally, to smooth out the bumps and dips in the road when this thing is seeing normal street duty hauling the matching car and trailer to and from shows across the country, Fabtech incorporated a set of its Dirt Logic shock absorbers all the way around. Up front is a set of 2.0s with reservoirs, and in the rear the company went with its 2.5 Dirt Logics.
Photo 19/44   |   2011 Chevy 2500 Great Tow Monster web Exclusives
Also fit to the front and rear differentials was a set of Mag-Hytec covers. Planted under the four corners were KMC XD Series Addict black hoop with silver-faced wheels measuring 20x9 inches and dressed in 35-inch General Grabber tires. To drastically aid in the stopping power, a set of EBC brake pads was installed on the front and rear rotors. These are a must-have item for any lifted truck, especially this one, which will take on many cross-country trips with a heavy load in tow. And to top off the behind-the-wheel aesthetics, a custom set of engraved MGP caliper covers was fit to the stock brake calipers. Fit with the Impulse Marketing & Media logo on bright orange, these are the perfect finishing touch for any custom set of wheels.
Photo 20/44   |   Mag-Hytec covers grace both the front and rear differentials.
Under the hood is pure diesel muscle. The stock 6.6L twin-turbo engine was upgraded in the air department with an Airaid cold-air intake system, which added an additional 25 hp to the truck’s already impressive 397 hp and 765 lb-ft of torque. In addition, the truck was backed up with a polished stainless steel 4-inch MagnaFlow DPF-back exhaust system that was fit with a large-by-huge intercooled 6-inch exhaust tip.
While the truck was still drying back at L&G Enterprises, the interior was basically gutted and the seats were delivered to Katzkin Leather Interiors, which took over and transformed our stock, black cloth seats into beautiful, supple leather. The new black leather silver piping and bright orange leather inserts are a welcome addition to this fine ride. The seats also do a great job of complementing the L&G Enterprises/PPG-painted interior components. After getting the seats back, the truck was sent over to the audio kings at Audio Innovations in Glendora, California. Once there, Joe Provenzano worked over the stock audio system. A complete Pioneer audio system was installed. It consists of an AVC-X920BT head unit complete with navigation and video monitor, as well as an iPod/iPhone audio hookup. In addition, the factory speakers were replaced with Pioneer 6.5-inch separates in all the doors, and separate tweeters were added up higher on both the A- and B-pillars to capture just the right amount of highs in the music. Powering up this monster system is a pair of Pioneer amplifiers whose juice is more than enough to make the pair of 10-inch TS-SW2501S4 subwoofers seriously bump. And, of course, capping off the interior enhancements is the requisite window tint expertly installed by H.O.T. Motorsports in Santa Ana, California.
To see the mighty combination rolling down the street or sitting at a truck or hot rod show fairground would be a spectacle all on its own. This is one hot tow/hauler combination.
Photo 32/44   |   The Chevy is responsible for towing this ’51 Chevy Fleetline Sedan around the country.
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General Tire
Charlotte, NC 28288
Amp Research
Tustin, CA 92780
Van Nuys, CA 91402
Audio Innovations
Glendora, CA 91740
L&G Enterprises
San Dimas, CA 91773
MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
Street Scene Equipment
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Sunrise, FL 33321
Continental Tires
Leer (West)
Woodland, CA 95776
Pioneer Electronics
Long Beach, CA 90810
Bear Trailersports
Chatsworth, CA
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Montebello, CA 90540
Old Hickory, TN 37138
Chula Vista, CA 91911
PPG Industries
Pittsburgh, PA
Impulse Off Road
H.O.T. Motorsports
Santa Ana, CA 92705


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