Making a resurgence like the F-100 did in the late ‘90s, the Chevy C10 is becoming a go-to platform for builders of all ages. Seeing the rise in popularity continuing to gather steam, we looked into our files for some of the nation’s finest C10 trucks, and what we came up with was a huge assortment of ’67-’72 Chevys and several very nice ’73-’87 square-body trucks. We couldn’t possibly fit all of them in this issue, but over the next six pages we can provide you with mini-features of deserving trucks that epitomize the world of custom C10s. Whether you like muscle trucks that can handle, classic, hot-rod–styled Chevys, slammed to the pavement C10s, or a Pro-Street with a big-block, we have them all at Click on our special C10 section and you’ll be able to read and view the full-length feature on each of the trucks pictured on this page. In addition, you’ll find more photos and more in-depth stories for each truck in our C10 section. We hope you enjoy our tribute to the classic Bow Tie, and if you have a truck of any make or model that you feel is deserving of a feature, send your photos to