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Freestylin' HD: 2008 Chevy Silverado 2500

Monster ’08 Silverado 2500HD

Maxwell Matthewson
Sep 1, 2011
Contributors: Cody Elkins
Photographers: Maxwell Matthewson
Some guys build trucks to show, other guys build trucks to sell; Cody Elkins, of Weatherford, Oklahoma, builds trucks to drive. Being a professional freestyle motocross rider, Cody finds himself all over the country doing events. Rather than ship his bikes and gear to the next show and fly out, Cody decided to build a truck that could haul his bikes and gear while also promoting himself and his sponsors. Enter this 2008 Silverado 2500HD. This is not his first truck and will not be his last. In the three years that he’s owned it, Cody has put 124,000 miles on the truck. He knew going into this project that it would be used to its fullest, so Cody built everything to withstand all the miles he was going to drive. We first featured this truck back in July of 2009 when it was solid black with a red powdercoated suspension and nearly a full foot shorter. Since then, Cody has completely rebuilt this truck from the ground up, keeping very few things the same.
Photo 2/11   |   2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 Freestylin Hd rear Angle
After the first shoot in Vegas, Cody took the truck straight to B&C Offroad, in Pasadena, Texas, and had them rip out the old suspension and replace it with a larger one. A 3rd Coast 16-inch suspension lift was installed, however, that wasn’t big enough, and a set of Fabtech 3½-inch lift spindles and 2½-inch torsion keys were added, bringing the truck to 22 inches above stock. Out back, 15-inch leaf springs were installed with 4-inch blocks to bring the back up to match the front. For a smooth ride, Bilstein 9100 shocks were installed on all four corners. All of the suspension components are either powdercoated or painted blue and for contrast, the frame was painted black. Also, Cody had his website address cut into the trailing arms for a bit of advertising. Ordinary wheels and tires would not come close to filling the fenders on this monster HD, so a set of 20x14-inch Fuel Hostage wheels were wrapped in Michelin 53x16R20 tires. To illuminate the immaculate suspension at night, a Varad blue and white suspension light kit was installed.
Now that everything under the truck was taken care of, it was time to move to the body. Cody wanted the paint to match the blue suspension, so he asked Kelly Green, of GRC Custom Paint, in Dayton, Texas, to lay down candy blue real fire flames over the black truck. When the paint was dry, a set of Anzo projector headlights with HIDs, LED taillights, and tailgate light bar were installed along with an RBP RX3 grille for a truly custom look. Finally, a set of Amp Research power steps were added to help with climbing in and out of the truck without taking away from the height perspective.
Photo 3/11   |   2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 Freestylin Hd side Paint
Under the hood, Cody kept it pretty simple. The Duramax diesel was outfitted with a K&N cold-air intake, and the engine cover, fuse box, and a few other pieces were painted blue to match the truck. To run all of the electronics, both batteries were changed out for Optima’s deep-cycle YellowTop batteries and two more YellowTop Optimas were added to help power the ever-thirsty system. The driveshaft had to be lengthened four inches to accommodate the extreme angle the lift caused, and the gears in the rearend were changed out for 4:88 gears to help turn the massive 53-inch tires. A 4-inch exhaust system was made and capped off with a chrome RBP tip.
Next, Cody and the crew at Oklahoma Customs, in Oklahoma City, started on the interior. Since he would be using this truck to drive all over the country, Cody wanted a custom interior that would be comfortable and entertaining. Oklahoma Customs started by upgrading the already booming Kicker system to eight sets of Kicker QS 6.5-inch components powered by two Kicker IX 500.4 amps. To this they added four Kicker 12-inch L7 solo-baric subs each powered by its own Kicker IX 1000.1 amp. This made a dramatic increase in sound quality and volume inside the truck. A fiberglass sub enclosure built by Oklahoma Customs fit perfectly in the dropped floor cutout that Divine One, in Las Vegas, Nevada, fabricated for the original build. All of the amplifiers are fed by a Clarion in-dash DVD head unit. For the seats, Divine One sent out a set of Katzkin leather seat covers to replace the factory leather. The black leather with blue barracuda centers seamlessly melded with the exterior paint scheme. For gauges, U.S. Speedo was contacted and they sent out a one-off gauge cluster cover for the truck. The final touches were a set of RBP pedal covers and some interior plastics were smoothed and painted.
Photo 4/11   |   2008 Chevy Silverado 2500 Freestylin Hd interior Dash
Cody obviously built the truck right, seeing as it lasted as long as it has. He wanted to thank the guys at B&C Offroad, Kicker Audio, RBP, Anzo, 3rd Coast Suspension, U.S. Speedo, Oklahoma Customs, Amp Research, Divine One, GRC Custom Paint, and K&N. As a side note, one day after his truck was photographed, Cody recently bought a 2011 Silverado 1500 with the big 6.2L gas engine. Be on the lookout for it in a future issue of Truckin’ magazine.



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