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1985 Nissan 720 - Dirty Dub

Ready for the Grime Time

John Mata Jr.
Oct 1, 2011
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
"It took me a while to find something that I liked, could afford, and that fit my personality."
Chris “Dirty” Lewis couldn’t bring himself to invest any time and money into a project vehicle that didn’t suit his personality and oddball taste. He picked up a few projects that he had every intention of seeing through but for some reason or another, mostly lack of interest, he ditched every one and kept searching for the car or truck that would hold his attention span longer than the rest.
Photo 2/10   |   1985 Nissan 720 Dirty Dub side View
Enter the ’85 Nissan 720 that is here on these pages. When Chris first laid eyes on it, he knew instantly it was just what he’d been waiting for. “It took me a while to find something that I liked, could afford, and that fit my personality. It had been about five years since I had sold my very first project, and I had a couple of them in between that time and when I bought the 720, but I felt they just weren’t for me and never even started with a couple of them,” Chris tells us. Being a sucker for models that aren’t very popular and are poorly represented at shows, Chris took to his new toy right away.
He figured that any vehicle, whatever make or model it is, looks better on the ground so he ’bagged the Nissan with the quickness. From there, he ironed out the metal, got the bed in order, and landed on a paint finish and interior style. What he ended up with is a campy, throwback minitruck that is full of hot-rod style and bits and pieces of Chris’s quirky character. From the vintage Therm-a-Chest metal cooler that houses the battery, to the “rejected” sticker from the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, and the beer tap shifter knob that reads “dirty bastard,” this Nissan has been thoroughly beaten by the dirty stick.
Photo 3/10   |   1985 Nissan 720 Dirty Dub rejected Sticker
Owner: Chris "Dirty" Lewis
Ride: 1985 Nissan 720
Hometown: Clayton, NC
Club: Aftermath
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire

Wheels: 14-inch Nissan 521 stock wheels
Tires: 185/75/14 Hankook

Chassis Modifications

Suspension (front): Slam Specialties RE6
Suspension (rear): Slam Specialties RE7
Control Arms: Pie-cut uppers, triangulated uppers
Shocks: Chrome
Compressor(s): Viair 380
Air/hydro Accessories: 3-gallon tank, Mindliss Metal compressor brackets
Frame Mods: Frame notched
Misc.: Air gauges in stock gauge cluster
Performed By: Owner and Greg Byrd

Body Modifications

Shaved: Door and tailgate handles, wiper cowl, gas door
Body Mods: Bead roll panels on front of bed and tailgate, sheetmetal bed
Bolt-ons: Chrome grille
Misc.: Spun-aluminum gas tank in bed, Grant Kustoms roll pan, custom cooler battery box
Performed By: Owner, Greg Byrd, Chicken House Customs, MetalWorx Inc.


Brand & Colors: Hot Rod Red by Hot Rod Flatz
Performed By: Chris Lewis

Seats: Stock seats wrapped in black and red vinyl
Misc.: Painted and pinstriped steering wheel
Performed By: Owner, John King, and JB Auto Interior


Head Unit: JVC
Mids & Highs: Memphis Audio 5-1/4-inch and tweeters in custom kick-panels
Subwoofers: Memphis Audio 15-inch
Amplifiers: Memphis Audio 500D and 3004
Misc.: All Memphis Audio wires and accessories, deck hidden in console
Performed By: Owner and John King


Engine: Stock
Transmission: Stock
Detail Work: Sheetmetal inner fenders
Misc.: Optima RedTop relocated to bed, MetalWorx Inc. custom overflow
Performed By: Owner and John King

Special Thanks From Owner
“Thanks to my mom for giving up the garage space and parking her brand-new car outside, my dad for giving me some time off to work on the truck, John King, Killa Cam, MetalWorx, Josh at Radio Active Audio, Nate at Chicken House Customs, JB Auto Interior, Kent Henderson, Greg Byrd, Chris Overman, and to my worldwide Aftermath family.”
Photo 4/10   |   1985 Nissan 720 Dirty Dub rear Angle


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