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  • 2011 Throwdown - Performance Truck Shootout - 2008 Jeep SRT8

2011 Throwdown - Performance Truck Shootout - 2008 Jeep SRT8

Death Ride

Dan Ward
Oct 1, 2011
Photographers: Truckin' Staff
"I hope you guys don’t mind getting beat by a girl!"
Alena Oberg was a late entrant into THROWDOWN and her email was very unassuming. She simply said, “I’d like to be in the shootout and my ride is an ’08 Grand Cherokee SRT8.” To us, it sounded great. We would have a Mopar and a woman in THROWDOWN. It didn’t sound great for the rest of us once she launched out of the hole with AWD and 520 hp on tap. After an 11-second pass without a single tire chirp, our mouths were agape. Her little “grocery getter,” as she describes it, was hands-down the fastest truck/SUV and besides a little black here and there, it looks totally stock. After the quarter-mile test was over, she laughed and said, “I hope you like getting beat by a girl.” It hurt, we’re not going to lie, but she was a great sport about the whole day, and after all, THROWDOWN is more than just going fast in a straight line. Her SRT8 proved it had as much whoa as it did go, posting a First Place finish in the stop box challenge as well. Her slalom and road course times were mid-pack, but winning two challenges still put her in Second Place overall. Even though the styling is mostly stock, that’s what we liked about it. Pull up to a stoplight in this SUV and no one would give it two thoughts. That is until all they can see is dust and a license plate that reads, DTHRYD. She taught us a valuable lesson: Traction + horsepower = unbeatable performance.
Photo 2/6   |   truckin Throwdown Performance Competition 2008 Jeep Srt 8 front Angle
At A Glance
Alena Oberg ’08 Jeep SRT8

Engine: 6.1L Hemi with Vortech V3 supercharger and ZEX nitrous kit, custom tuning by SoCal Tuning
Trans: Five-speed auto with AutoStick and AWD
AWHP: 520
Suspension: B&R lowering coil springs, factory SRT8
Brakes: Brembo 14.1-inch drilled rotors with four-piston calipers in the front and 13.8-inch rotors with four-piston calipers in the back
Wheels/Tires: Factory SRT8 20x10-inch wheels with 285/40R20 Nitto NT420S tires front and rear
Weight: 4,890 pounds
Pros: If Darth Vader ever needed an SUV, he’d take over the galaxy in this thing
Cons: We’re having a hard time coming up with any, but perhaps the handling?
Slalom time: 8.29 seconds
Quarter-mile: 11.92 @ 119 mph
Stop Box time: 8.43 seconds
Road Course: 1:11 seconds
Don’t think for one second that Alena didn’t push her SRT8 to its limits just because she’s a woman. Trying to stop at the last second, her Grand Cherokee plowed through some cones in the stop box, but her previous effort still managed a 1st Place finish.



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