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1999 Ford Ranger - The Reject

Finds a Home

John Mata Jr.
Dec 1, 2011
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Owner: Brent Bogue
Ride: 1999 Ford Ranger
Hometown: Westminster, MD
Club: No Regrets
Photo 2/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject front Angle
"I finally have a truck that I’m happy with."
This humble Ranger has seen many owners during its 12 years in existence. Not only had it bounced around from home to home, it was starting to show wear from its rough life and time of neglect. Luckily, Brent Bogue caught a glimpse of it while the truck was checked in at a shop for a bodydrop. Its previous owner had pulled the plug on funding for the project and slapped a For Sale sign on the windshield. The Ford was an outcast once again.
Photo 3/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject interior Seats
That is until Brent made the decision to adopt the truck as his own. He first thought that with a little mud work and paint, his new acquisition would be good to go. After tearing into the truck a bit further, Brent quickly realized that wasn’t going to be the case. The transformation from the condition it was in back then to the state it’s in now required a two-year, cab-off overhaul that consisted of nearly every body panel being replaced. Actually, the cab, framework, and engine were the only things salvageable.
With a solid plan of action on paper, Brent took the truck to John Norris of Getbored Designs to help jumpstart the extreme renovation about to take place. John finished up the great work that was already made on the chassis, and once he was through, Brent started to put the bed and new body panels together. With a great deal of assistance from Brad Wurzbacher of Driven Fabrication, the Ranger was finally starting to show signs of progress. The bodywork and paint had come together, and the interior was dipped in matching paint and plush leather.
Photo 4/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject stereo
With the finished product completed, the orphaned Ranger has found its eternal home in the pages of Mini Truckin’ where it belongs. Brent tells us, "I finally have a truck that I’m happy with and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out. With the help of three great shops and a ton of awesome friends, I ended up with a clean mini to rep the Northeast show scene with."
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x8 Center Line Voltage
Tires: 215/35/18 Nankang Ultra Sport NS-II
Photo 5/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject front View
Chassis Modifications

Suspension (front): Slam Specialties RE6 ’bags
Suspension (rear): Custom three-link, Slam Specialties RE8 ’bags
Control Arms: Modified Chassis Tech uppers and lowers
Compressor(s): Two Viair 380s
Air/hydro Accessories: 3/8-inch SMC valves, Parker fittings
Misc.: Aluminum fuel cell
Performed By: Owner, three-link by Haggard Fabrication, Getbored Designs
Body Modifications

Bodydrop: Stock-floor
Body Mods: Sectioned bed floor
Bolt-ons: Ford Edge front clip, billet grilles, side steps
Performed By: Owner, Travis Shade, Driven Fabrication
Photo 6/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject rear Angle View

Brand & Colors: PPG Fender Green
Performed By: Brad Wurzbacher of Driven Fabrication

Seats: Ford Tempo covered in leather
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Misc.: Door panels wrapped, dyed, and painted
Performed By: Driven Fabrication
Photo 7/7   |   1999 Ford Ranger The Reject dash Panel
Special Thanks From Owner

"Thanks to the No Regrets family, my parents Kim and Jeff, Travis “Shady” Shade, Haggard Fab, Getbored Designs, and Driven Fabrication."


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