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Slickerado: 2007 Chevy Silverado

Slicker Than An Oil-Soaked Wrench

Dan Ward
Dec 31, 2011
Photographers: Dan Ward
Jerry Valenzuela is a quiet man, who, if he were standing next to you probably would go unnoticed. He’s old school, doesn’t run his mouth about other shops or build quality, and he’s quick to congratulate someone else for taking home awards. It may surprise you then to see him walk up to this hot-rod-inspired Chevy, pop the doors open and ride off into the sunset. After talking with him for five minutes, you’ll quickly understand why this truck means so much to him, and why being humble is so important. He may not say it, but we will, it’s hard to stand out in the world of ’99-’07 fullsize Chevy trucks, however, this 2007 Silverado Classic is one of the nicest examples we’ve laid our eyes on.
Photo 2/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado front Angle
Starting in mid-2009, Jerry lowered the Crew Cab and put some 22-inch billets on each corner. Driving it around for a few months, the custom itch got to him and he shifted his focus to building a clean, slick, hot-rod–infused truck. As the owner of Kings of Kolor in Weslaco, Texas, Jerry is used to creating cars and trucks that cause onlookers to do double-takes, but this truck would test more than his skill, it would test his metal fortitude and determination. During the build, his shop was broken into, the truck damaged, and his heart broken. Forced to recoup losses and start over, Jerry turned to his business partner and friend, Ruben Garza, who helped finish the project and eventually bought the truck from Jerry. The end result was worth the strife as Jerry and Ruben have themselves one slick Chevy.
Taking a look at the body, it’s smooth as glass, but you’d expect that from a body shop owner—it’s the attention to detail that really separates this truck from most builds. To create a slick exterior, Jerry and his crew at Kings of Kolor shaved the door handles, rear drop sections, third brake light, taillights, and filled in the tailgate handle. Now providing stopping intentions to other drivers is a flush-mounted Recon LED light bar. With the bodywork ready for color, Jerry opted to two-tone the Chevy using DuPont Premier Red and Jet Set Black. The two-tone isn’t just skin deep, as Jerry followed it through the interior, doorjambs, firewall, rear cab, and even the front of the bed. A simple orange pinstripe separates the two bold hues, and some hot-rod–inspired pinstriping can be found on the hood and smoothed tailgate for a taste of Jerry’s mindset. Other simple body mods included bolting on a real 2006 Silverado SS front bumper fitted with grille-matching T-Rex billet inserts, installing a billet Bow Tie from Empire Motorsports, and slapping on a SnugTop tonneau cover.
Photo 3/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado stitching
Opening the four doors really helps you see what levels Jerry was willing to take his truck to. The Silverado’s interior would look just as good inside a ’57 Bel Air or ’62 Impala as it would inside the Silverado. Starting with the floor, red wool carpet was laid down and topped with matching red wool floor mats. Palma Interiors, in McAllen, Texas, wrapped the bucket seats in red ultra leather, which also covers the sides of the center console, door panels, A-, B-, and C-pillars, and the headliner. Of course, there is plenty of paint inside the Chevy’s confines as Jerry smoothed and painted the dash gloss black and flat red, and took an Escalade center console and painted it as well. Adding some shiny stuff, Jerry installed Empire billet A/C vents, knobs, shift lever, pedals, chrome Escalade door handles, and finishing off the slick theme, a two-tone Billet Specialties Stiletto steering wheel was chrome plated and wrapped in black and red leather. Usually, the thought of red gauges would conjure up thoughts of tacky imports, but with the sea of black on top of the dash, the red US Speedo gauges look perfect. Two things really set off the interior: One being the airbrushed Slickerado logo on the center console, and the other being the custom-stitched pinstriped design on the armrest, which perfectly matches the design of the exterior pinstriping.
Photo 4/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado slickerado Design
Tunes are handled by an Alpine touchscreen head unit, which sends signals to a massive JL amp. That amp then handles powering the MB Quart 6-inch components in each door and the two 10-inch JL subs behind the rear seat. Jerry wanted to thank D Tronics, in Mc Allen, and Mex Mafia Isreal at Kings of Kolor for handling the audio duties. In regards to the audio, there’s nothing ostentatious to see here, just clean and simple.
Photo 8/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado front Angle Motion
However, there is something to see when popping the hood. The factory 4.8L was pulled from the Chevy and completely disassembled. The heads were sent to Street and Performance in Mena, Arkansas, where they were ported and polished. While they were being shipped back, Jerry painted the block red, as well as every single part that bolted to the block, with the exception of the stainless steel JBA headers. A 4-inch aluminum intake tube was fabbed up and painted red, as was the alternator and front accessory bracket. Chrome and polish abound and can be seen on the custom radiator hose, Street and Performance pulleys, polished drive-by-wire throttle body, and Empire power steering cap, master cylinder cap, oil filler cap, and radiator cap. Polished stainless bolts were used throughout and ’05 GTO coil covers were modified and painted with the appropriate Slickerado logo. Sheetmetal inner fenders and radiator cover were painted to match, as was the two-toned engine beauty cover. Jerry even went as far to smooth and paint the master cylinder and power booster two-tone to complete the theme. Chromed hard lines were used for the brake lines, and after looking at it over and over again, we couldn’t find a flaw in it. All in all, it’s simply stunning.
Photo 9/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado rear Angle
We mentioned at the start Jerry originally lowered the truck on 22-inch wheels, but as the truck progressed, so did the suspension and wheel setup. Now the truck sits on a 9-inch front and 11-inch rear static drop—no airbags on this slammed cruiser. Up front, the track width was narrowed 1½ inches and lowered using Belltech drop spindles and drop springs. QA1 shocks help smooth out the bumps, and 22-inch Rushforth Rated-X wheels are wrapped in Toyo 265/35R22 tires for a hot-rod look. The frame was boxed for strength and every component was painted semi-flat black or red, even the heatshields underneath that no one will ever see. Jerry got the itch bad. Out back, Jerry told us he “modified” the leaf springs to tuck the 24x10-inch Rushforth wheels but not before the rearend was blasted and painted red. A fuel cell frees up some space under the truck, and QA1 shocks are once again called upon to dampen the ride. Stopping the Crew Cab is a set of matching Baer 14-inch brakes with two-piston calipers. Despite the lack of airbags, the Slickerado still manages to tuck the wheels and tires at all four corners.
Photo 10/13   |   2007 Chevy Silverado Slickerado bear Brakes
Oftentimes, the journey is better than the destination, but in the case of this Chevy, the outcome is the result of trials, tribulation, and good old-fashioned persistence. Looking at this masterpiece, we’d say it was all worth it. Jerry was quick to thank the good Lord first and foremost, as well as his wife, Perla; daughter Gabby; his business partner and good friend, Ruben; and of course, his crew at Kings of Kolor, and everyone else who lent a hand on the truck. Good things come to those who wait.



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