Custom Mini Trucks - Ridin' Around - January 2012

Hometown - Local - Cruisin'

Chad Cooper
Jan 1, 2012
This month’s lucky Ridin' Around truck owners will be receiving a free LMC T-shirt. Be sure to send in your truck's photos and information to

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On Point

Jimmy bought this S-10 already ’bagged on 20s with the help of a Suicidedoors’ bolt-in kit. Immediately after purchasing the truck, Jimmy swapped out the 20s for a set of steel wheels wrapped in whitewall tires. He also added the white scallops to the stock blue paint. Future plans are already in the works; the frame is getting a new backhalf courtesy of his employer, Brad Fab Industries, and the body is getting prepped to receive that perfect shade of green.

Jimmy Ferguson
Newark, NJ
1999 Chevy S-10
Photo 3/5   |   custom Mini Trucks Ridin Around 1999 Chevy S10
Movin' On Down

Ryan had always wanted a laid out mini since he had his first truck back in high school—a ’92 Ford Ranger. His dad had bought an '07 Chevy Colorado, and after two years of off-road use he offered it to Ryan and all he had to do was take over the payments. Ryan didn’t have the truck a month before he had it slammed with a Belltech 4/4 kit with some 22-inch KMC Slide wheels. Ryan then decided it was time to take the truck to the next level so he had it 'bagged and laying frame front to rear.

Ryan Slotte
Philo, CA
2007 Chevy Colorado
Photo 4/5   |   custom Mini Trucks Ridin Around 2007 Chevy Colorado
Mini Chick

Kris is a minitruckin' girl through and through. Looking to have a project of her own, she picked up this Dime and through long and cold New York winters she built this truck with the help of her husband, Bobby. Future plans include cleaning up the interior and underneath the hood, and there’s a strong possibility of a bodydrop next winter. Until then, she will be enjoying dragging alongside her Low Xpectations club members.

Kristen Eiland
Rochester, NY 1999 Chevy S-10
Photo 5/5   |   custom Mini Trucks Ridin Around 1999 Chevy S10



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