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Busted Knuckles - 2008 Chevy Suburban

Pretty as a penny - mean as a pitbull

Dan Ward
Feb 1, 2012
Photographers: Dan Ward
Killer instincts are one of the required assets to outlast inferior species in nature’s hierarchy. Whether it’s the speed of a cheetah, teeth of a great white shark, or venom from a king cobra, certain abilities and inherit instincts ensure survival of the fittest. What if there was a creature with all of these killer attributes in one pretty package? Without question, that freak of nature would send fear into the hearts of everything in its path. In the world of custom trucks, there is an unspoken hierarchy where builders who have been creating works of art for decades have developed abilities to fabricate one-off trucks we as bolt-on customizers see as freaks of nature. One such builder is Bill Carlton, owner of Ekstensive Metalworks in Houston. Working on customer’s trucks every day leaves little time to work on his own projects, and not since his amazing HUMMER H2 named “Game Over” (Truckin’ Issue 13, Volume 32) has he rolled out a truck of his own. Get ready, here comes a freak.
Photo 2/7   |   busted Knuckles 2008 Chevy Suburban frame
I got a call one day from Bill that went something like this, “Man, I just bought a Suburban and I’m gonna cut it up.” When Bill says he’s going to “cut something up,” you better believe it’s going to be cool. Starting with a 2008 Chevy Suburban he picked up at an auto auction, the Ekstensive crew, along with Tim Donelson owner of Color Blind, started by unbolting the body from the frame and setting the body on a jig. After taking several measurements and using tape to create new body shapes, a Sawzall and plasma cutter made short work of the cuts. Tacked together, with 26 total inches removed, the new body looked insane as the team basically created a two-door Tahoe that Chevrolet never envisioned. A freak indeed. Bill plans on making the side one-piece glass like the older two-door Tahoes and using the factory front doors, albeit with a heavily modified B-pillar for strength and good looks. Up front, the Suburban sheetmetal will be replaced with Silverado HD offerings, providing a mind-trip when looking at the ‘Burban from the head-on view. A complete smoothing of the body’s unnecessary components will clean up the massaged sheetmetal and a bath in copper paint will really make the two-door stand out.
Photo 3/7   |   Hopefully, someone measured twice before cutting.
No custom truck rolls out of Ekstensive Metalworks with a factory suspension, and with Bill’s personal truck, the team is going all out with mandrel-bent framerails, two-link in the rear, and Ekstensive’s own front suspension that will allow the ’Burban to tuck 28-inch wheels. The 5.3L will receive a full dress-up job with plenty of parts from Street and Performance, and we’re told a polished MagnaCharger supercharger may make its way atop the engine for a potent 500hp combo. Inside, the ’Burban will feature leather and painted fiberglass throughout with enough room for his expanding family.

If a zoo had a legitimate freak of nature on display, wouldn’t you want to go see it for yourself? So would we, and we can’t wait to check out this insane truck when it debuts right here in Truckin’ magazine.
Photo 4/7   |   busted Knuckles 2008 Chevy Suburban rendering



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