Busted Knuckles - 1999 Two-Door Chevy Tahoe

Surprise, Surprise

Dan Ward
Apr 1, 2012
Photographers: Dan Ward
Imagine our surprise (and delight) when we cruised over to this '99 two-door Tahoe and asked to speak with the owner, only to see the young lady wiping down the wheels pop up and say, "It's my truck." After introducing ourselves, we met Kelly Arredondo, a native of Texas, and heard her story of marrying into the custom truck world. After seeing her husband Fabian bring his custom truck come to life, she made the decision to start on her own project. Picking up this '99 Tahoe in 2009, it's been a family affair transforming the stock driver into something everyone would be proud of.
Photo 2/5   |   1999 Chevy Tahoe rendering
"This is a girl's truck. The scene needs more girls."
On our tech sheet that the owners fill out for us, one of the questions is how many inches from stock is the truck now. Kelly replied with simply, “A lot.” She's right because the team at Built 2 Drag Customs (B2D) body dropped the Tahoe by creating a whole new frame from the firewall back. The 3x4x¼-inch rectangular tubing serves as the mounting point for the body and the two-link with Panhard bar. Firestone airbags, 1/2-inch air line, and Parker valves allow Kelly to lift and drop the Tahoe whenever she likes. Up front, custom control arms and Belltech spindles bring the nose nice and low. For now, she's rolling on borrowed 22-inch Raceline Deceptive wheels while her set of Budnik Sweeper billets are being made. Thanks to the rearend that's been narrowed six inches, she'll be able to run a large lip on the back for a really trick look.
Photo 3/5   |   1999 Chevy Tahoe before
Fabian and his brother Arturo are handling the bodywork, which will include shaving the door handles, rear barn doors, gas door, taillights, and adding a roll pan with LED taillights. Inside the two-door, sheetmetal wheeltubs will be fabricated and flank the new fuel cell feeding the factory 350ci Vortec V-8. The front bumper will be painted body color and a GMC grille shell will be fitted with a billet insert. Jesse Esteves will be responsible for applying the DuPont Hot Hues Pink, Black, and Silver two-tone.
Photo 4/5   |   B2D Customs in Houston handled the 3-inch stock-floor body drop and fabricated the rear bridge notch incorporating a two-link and panhard bar.
Kelly also has big plans for the interior including leather-wrapped seats, a painted dash, and Kicker 15-inch subs pounding the cabin. Sounds like a good plan to us. Talking to her some more, Kelly told us, "People sort of freak out when they find out it's my Tahoe, I guess because I'm not a dude." Guilty as charged Kelly, and we can't wait to see this mean machine when it's all done.
Photo 5/5   |   1999 Chevy Tahoe rear Tucked View



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