Busted Knuckles - 2003 Chevy Silverado

Welding Madness Gone Right

Dan Ward
May 1, 2012
Photographers: Dan Ward
Photo 2/6   |   busted Knuckles 2003 Chevy Silverado lowered
Scanning over the tech sheet we supply each feature owner with, we couldn't help but notice one reoccurring theme. Roman Garza is very appreciative of his friends' help and his parents allowing him to use the family workshop to build his '03 Silverado. Roman has a lot to be thankful for as his Chevy features a 3-inch body drop, 24-inch Raceline wheels, and a newer 2006 Silverado front clip installed. Best part of those flashy stats is the fact he did nearly all of the work himself. Built in a workshop by this 20-year-old young gun, the under construction ride you see here should be completed by the time you're reading this.
Photo 3/6   |   busted Knuckles 2003 Chevy Silverado side View
Starting with an '03 Silverado, Roman and buddy Juan De La Hoya used 2x4x¼-inch rectangular tubing to create the back half. A basic two-link with Dominator 2600 'bags in front of the axle provide the lift out back, while McGaughys drop spindles and an Ekstensive front arm kit slam the nose. Beautiful 24-inch Raceline Blast wheels are wrapped in 275/30R24 Kumho tires. The rearend was narrowed a total of 10 inches and will allow the shaved bed to swallow the 24s.
Updating the look of his Chevy, Roman bolted on the front fenders, hood, and grille shell from an '06 Silverado. As you can see in the rendering, the truck will be green with a simple, yet aggressive graphic down the side. The inside of the bed will be completely metal worked and provide a large opening for the custom suspension tubing. Fully shaved, the Silverado will be nice and slick. Roman hasn't decided at time of print what will be done inside the extended cab, but expects something clean and usable.
Photo 4/6   |   Thanks to a 4-inch backspacing, the 24-inch Raceline Blast wheels have a muscle car-like lip out back.
When asked about things he would change, he told us, "Buying the 24s, because I want to go bigger." The custom truck snowball is always rolling downhill, and we can't wait to see Roman's truck all wrapped up.



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