Better Off Bussin' - GO-EZ's 1970 Flxible Bus

Doin' The A-Bomb Boogie

John Mata Jr.
Jun 1, 2012
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
Photo 2/20   |   1970 Flxible Bus bodydropped
"I bought this bus from my buddy, Jack. It had come from Washington and was used to take people to and from their cars to a military base up there. It used to read "Atomic Energy Commission" along the side." Those are words from the bus's builder and owner, Art Gomez of GO-EZ Customs.
Yeah, we're right there with you. We've never seen another bus quite like this one, and apparently there's a good explanation for that. "Only eight of these were built, and six of them are rotting away in bone-yards somewhere right now. We got lucky to find one of the two survivors in decent enough condition," says Art. But from everything else he tells us, it was love at first sight.
Photo 3/20   |   1970 Flxible Bus art Gomez Driving
In just two week's time, Art and his crew promoted this former shuttle bus to the front lines from its previous people-mover status. Don't expect to see any shiny paint on it anytime soon though. The bus will be retaining its satin skin for the rest of its foreseeable future. And what about the rest of the beaten-up, 42-year-old parts, you ask? They aren't going anywhere. The rust and the wear only add to the bus's nostalgic appeal.
Last we heard, GO-EZ's creation was sent overseas for an extended tour of Japan. Its return date is still undecided, but when it returns to the States, it will be hitting the SoCal show scene as hard as ever.
Photo 7/20   |   1970 Flxible Bus side View
Ride: 1970 Flxible Bus
Owner: GO-EZ Inc
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 19.5-inch stock wheels

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): ContiTech 'bags, two-link with drag link
Suspension (rear): Contitech 'bags, Wishbone link
Shocks: Two pairs in front, three pairs at rear
Compressor(s): Two Viair 480s
Air/hydro Accessories: Two 7-gallon tanks, vintage Roadster Hydraulics switch box
Frame Mods: Step-notch, step front clip
Brakes: Stock
Performed By: GO-EZ
Body Modifications
Misc.: Sheetmetal rear tubs and bridge cover
Performed By: GO-EZ

Brand & Colors: Army light green
Performed By: Dookey
Seats: Stock
Gauges: Original
Misc.: Flaked-out shift knob
Performed By: Flxible and GO-EZ

Engine: Ford straight-six
Rearend Type: Big-rig two-speed
Performed By: GO-EZ

Special Thanks From Owner
"I'd like to thank all my GO-EZ guys from startup to present—all you guys truly are GO-EZ for life—my dad, sons, and friends who helped with the build."
Photo 20/20   |   1970 Flxible Bus rear View



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