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  • We Strap The World's Quickest Diesel Engine To A Dyno

We Strap The World's Quickest Diesel Engine To A Dyno

Scheid Diesel's Six-Second 1,800hp Cummins Engine

Mike McGlothlin
Jul 1, 2012
Photographers: Mike McGlothlin
july 2012 Torque cummins Diesel On Dyno
  |   july 2012 Torque cummins Diesel On Dyno
A. PES6P10501 injection pump
B. 66mm Precision Turbo and Engine wastegate
C. Competition water injection system keeps EGT less than 1,400 degrees in all cylinders
D. Complete 12-valve engine build: filled block, billet rods, 12:1 Arias pistons, billet steel roller cam, competition cylinder head, aluminum runner intake manifold
E. S400/HX80 compound-turbo arrangement sends 130psi of boost into the engine
F. 80hp air starter for engine (no batteries to rely on)
G. 1,500 gallons of water supply is available for the dyno's water brake. water recirculates back to the tank via gravity feed. for 4,000hp engines the water brake requires 350gpm of water at 70 psi of supply pressure
H. Taylor engine dyno rated to 4,000hp and 10,000 lb-ft
Scheid Diesel’s 1,800hp Dragster Engine
By now, most of you have seen the Scheid Diesel dragster in action—the record-breaking rail that’s been setting competition milestones for several years now. From the beginning, the Scheid Diesel team had one goal in mind for its Cummins- powered dragster: eclipse 200 mph in the quarter-mile. After making several 6-second passes, they breeched the 200-mph mark in 2008 and have been pushing deeper and deeper into the 6-second range ever since. After its most recent pass (a blistering 6.84 seconds at 202 mph), we got up close and personal with the 12-valve engine that powers Scheid’s lightning-fast dragster.
Built much like a sled pulling engine, this 5.9L is reinforced with a filled block, billet-steel connecting rods, forged aluminum (12:1 compression) Arias pistons, and a billet-steel roller cam. Up top rests a competition cylinder head, aluminum runner intake, and a two-stage (wastegated) turbo arrangement. A completely mechanical fuel system consists of a geardriven lift pump, PES6P10501 injection pump, and a set of trade-secret injectors. As it turns out, this power combination is good for more than just 6-second quarter-mile times. On Scheid’s engine dyno, and while making 130 pounds of boost, it made 1,800 hp.
Going forward, the Scheid team has an even bigger picture in mind. It includes competing in National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) events and making the Quick 32 field in its Top Dragster Class. This means consistent 6.75-second passes will have to be made with the car. As we went to press, Scheid was able to add more boost to the mix, culminating in a little more top-end power. We’re sure the recent gain in horsepower will get them where they need to be.
So, as the Scheid dragster continues to chase its own record this summer, look for it to also go round for round with the best gas-powered competition in the country.
july 2012 Torque records And Milestone Chart
  |   july 2012 Torque records And Milestone Chart



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