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Shipwrecked - 1994 Toyota Pickup

Goodbye, Sailing. Hello, Railing!

John Mata Jr.
Jul 1, 2012
Photo 2/9   |   1994 Toyota Pickup front Grille
As far as we know, Bert Polasek has never been into sailboats. His interests leaned more toward the high-speed mayhem of wake-shredding, face-peeling jet boats. Sounds like a blast, doesn't it? Bert thought so, and actually spent five years building them to go even faster.
But Bert's motorboatin' ways came to a dead halt once he learned the TexMex show was moving to Sommerville, Texas—a mere 15 miles from his front door. "Needless to say, after attending the show, I was immediately bitten by that minitruck bug yet again," Bert tells us. "I listed my boat for sale online. I even went as far as to offer to trade it for a bodied mini. I got an email from a guy in Virginia who had a Toyota, and in no time we both agreed to drive 11 hours to meet each other half way." The deal went smoothly, and once Bert was home with his new possession he had a few things done to put his personal spin on it.
"After Turkey Drag '10, the truck was torn apart, and the goal of having it ready for TexMex '11, which was only 4 months away, was set. Mark Santellan at Kill Shot Custom paint shaved everything up, repainted the truck the factory green, and added two-tone metallic black and airbrushed chrome and aluminum accents." Aside from the paint, a brand-new interior was crafted from aluminum for a cool industrial feel. Progress was really starting to take shape, and the memories of playing in the lake were drifting further away.
Bert was lucky enough to make the deadline he set for himself with little to no problems at all. Smooth sailing, you might say. And along with making new friendships, Bert shares with us his true motivation for trading in his old hobby: "I look up to all the guys building trucks in their own garage and all the small shop owners who are out there doing quality work."
Photo 6/9   |   1994 Toyota Pickup four Link Suspension
Owner: Bert Polasek
Ride: 1994 Toyota Pickup
Hometown: Caldwell, TX
Club: Sunset
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 17x8 Boyd Coddington Blaster
Tires: 205/40/17 Nankang

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Firestone 2,500 'bags
Suspension (rear): Firestone 2,500 'bags, chrome rear-mounted four-link, 'bags over axle
Control Arms: Stock
Shocks: Rancho
Compressor(s): Two Viair 480s
Air/hydro Accessories: Parker valves
Frame Mods: Z'd in front, boxed and painted, round rear notch smoothed
Performed By: Previous owner
Photo 7/9   |   1994 Toyota Pickup viair 480s Compressor
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, hood squirters, antenna, third brakelight, wiper cowl, rock guards, taillights, gas door, front bed corner seams
Bodydrop: To the pinch
Body Mods: Grant Kustoms Cali combo, angled rear bed corners, 4WD front clip, sheetmetal bed
Misc.: Custom polished 5-gallon aluminum fuel cell
Performed By: Mark Santellan at Kill Shot Custom Paint, Trey at Rutherford's Rods, and previous owner

Brand & Colors: Matrix Toyota Hunter Green, Galaxy Black Metallic, Satin Silver
Misc.: Airbrushed chrome trim, brushed aluminum effect on silver insert
Performed By: Mark Santellan at Kill Shot Custom Paint
Photo 8/9   |   1994 Toyota Pickup fuel Cell
Seats: Aluminum bomber seats
Dash: Smoothed and painted
Misc.: Interior plastics smoothed and painted, aluminum door panels, rear panel and center console
Performed By: Paint by Travis at Overspray Customs, metalwork by Ryan's Sheetmetal Designs

Head Unit: Pioneer
Mids & Highs: Boston Acoustics 6.5-inch components
Performed By: Owner
Photo 9/9   |   1994 Toyota Pickup sheetmetal Seats
Engine: 22RE
Intake: Custom
Transmission: Five-speed
Detail Work: Polished valve cover
Performed By: Previous owner

Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to my wife Becky and my daughter Miranda for putting up with the late nights and time away from home, Ryan at Ryan's Sheetmetal Designs for helping me get everything back together, Mark at Kill Shot Custom Paint, Travis at Overspray Customs, Trey at Rutherford's Rod and Customs, and of course all my Sunset members."



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