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2005 Dodge Ram 2500: Killer B Cummins

An 800hp Street Sweeper

Jason Sands
Aug 1, 2012
Photographers: Jason Sands
One of the nastiest daily drivers we have seen recently belongs to Jonathan Furr of Concord, North Carolina. Jonathan was determined to build his ’05 Dodge Ram 2500 into a truck that could be driven anywhere yet make insane amounts of power. We personally witnessed him lay down 833 hp and run a 7.1-second eighth-mile run, so we’d say he’s got power down pat. What was even more impressive was that this was one of his first outings with the truck, so it probably has the potential to go even faster.
Photo 2/12   |   killer B Cummins 2005 Dodge Ram 2500
Big-Power Cummins
Since the 5.9L common-rail Dodge short-blocks are known to be tremendously strong, Jonathan left the bottom end of the engine alone—but that’s about the only thing that’s stock. To help out with airflow, he installed a camshaft from Hamilton Cams that features 188 degrees of duration on the intake and 220 degrees on the exhaust side, as well as MaxSpool pushrods and dual springs. A set of ARP 2000 head studs provide the clamping force, but surprisingly the head is not O-ringed or fire-ringed.
Photo 3/12   |   On the dyno, Jonathan’s hot rod Dodge put down 833 hp at the rear wheels, but that was only with 70 psi of boost. On the street, he sees 95 psi, so under load it’s probably a 1,000hp piece.
Air and Fuel
With a bulletproof engine, John was all set to make some serious power with his vehicle. Toward this end, he built a custom turbocharger setup, consisting of a Silver Bullet 66 with a billet wheel over an 83mm S400-based charger with a BatMoWheel. These two turbos work together to deliver a massive 95 psi of boost. For the fuel side of the equation, an AirDog II 165-gph lift pump was used to deliver fuel to dual CP3s mounted on the Cummins via an ATS kit. Finally, fuel is sent to a set of 250hp injectors built by Exergy Engineering. A Smarty SSR programmer is used to wrangle the air and fuel together and turn it into horsepower.
Photo 4/12   |   A stock Duramax injection pump is used as a second CP3 pump, while the stock Dodge version received an Arson III kit to enhance its performance.
Killer Transmission
To handle the kind of power his engine was putting out, Jonathan went straight to the source for transmission parts. He bought his 300M billet shafts and triple-disc converter from TCS in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, a company that builds billet shafts for various companies within the diesel industry. A BD flexplate and Koleen clutches round out the transmission package, and the whole thing was assembled by Pop’s Transmission in Marshville, North Carolina.
Photo 5/12   |   killer B Cummins 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Rear Three Quarter
Completing the Package
Since Jonathan runs his own company, Full Spool Diesel, he knew his truck’s looks needed to match its power, so he completed the package with a set of 20-inch Ultra wheels, Wrangler HT tires, and bright yellow paint, which continues on into the engine bay of the truck. With just a few thousand miles on his new build, we can’t wait to see what Jonathan’s wild ride is capable of once all the bugs have been worked out of it.
Photo 6/12   |   killer B Cummins 2005 Dodge Ram 2500 Side Shot


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