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  • Custom Chevy Trucks - Ridin' Around - September 2012

Custom Chevy Trucks - Ridin' Around - September 2012

Hometown. Local. Readers.

Richard Cabeza
Sep 1, 2012
GOJO is supplying this month's Ridin' Around winner with some of its newest cleaning supplies. For your chance to win, be sure to submit your truck's info and photos to mini.truckin@sorc.com.
Photo 2/5   |   custom Mini Trucks gojo Cleaning Supplies
Photo 3/5   |   custom Mini Trucks 1999 Chevy S10
Homemade Hauler
Andy has treated his Dime to all sorts of one-off custom treatments such as a full sheetmetal bed, a crazy sheetmetal interior, including handmade door panels, dash, and center console. Although Andy did a lot of work on the truck himself, his dad and fellow Ground Patrol members gave him a hand when they could. So far, so good! Keep up the great work!

1999 Chevy S-10
Andy Ziepke
Hesperia, CA

Photo 4/5   |   custom Mini Trucks 1988 Chevy Blazer
Special Delivery
Robert mailed in photos of his super cool Blazer in its current condition you see here, as well as a few in-progress shots and one taken the first day he bought it. He didn't email them, he actually developed a few pictures, stuck them in an envelope, slapped a stamp on it, and sent it our way. We don't see too much actual mail come through the office, so it was nice to see someone who took the time to go through the trouble. Email makes everything a little too easy these days, which isn't a bad thing at all though.

1988 Chevy Blazer
Robert Notter
Taylor, MI

Photo 5/5   |   custom Mini Trucks 1998 Chevy S10
Dekock's Dime
Josh writes us in and asks us, “What all do I have to do to see a pic of my truck in the mag?” Well, for starters, you have to have a good portion of your truck already built. We see your S-10 is 'bagged, 'bodied and you're sitting on nice 20-inch wheels. Looks like you meet the requirements there, and you told us you have a Chevy small-block underhood too, which is the icing on the cake! Thanks for emailing in good sir! Keep us posted on the rest of the build.

1998 Chevy S-10
Joshua Dekock
Colorado Springs, CO



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