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2012 Ford F-150 - Tarmac

Pavement Pounding 2012 F-150

Maxwell Matthewson
Sep 1, 2012
Photographers: Wes Allison
Photo 2/20   |   2012 Ford F150 colorado Customs Super Max Wheels
Truck building can be a tricky endeavor. First you have to pick the truck that you want to build, and then you must fnd a way to turn what is in your head into reality. Lucky for us, Casey Scranton, of Chino, California, has the ability to easily transfer his imagination into the real thing. His latest project, a 2012 Ford F-150 SuperCrew, is the perfect example of concept into reality. Casey wanted something daily drivable, clean, and not over the top. We showed you what it took to take this truck to the next level in a couple of tech stories, the most recent of which is in this issue, on page 118. In case you missed the previous story, we will give you a rundown of how Casey transformed his factory Ford into a pavement pounder.
Starting with a bone stock F-150, CGS Motorsports, in Chino, is responsible for the majority of the work. They frst removed the factory front suspension and replaced it with drop spindles, lowering struts, and drop springs, all from Belltech. This brought the front end down a colossal seven inches. To level out the back, a triangulated four-link was created and a step notch cut into the framerails, bringing the rear down 11 inches. The rearend was then sent out to Currie to be shortened and have custom axles installed. This allowed a pair of 24x15- inch Colorado Custom wheels with Pirelli PZero Nero tires to sit nicely inside the fenders. Up front, a matching set of Colorado Custom 24x8.5-inch wheels were wrapped in Pirelli rubber and bolted on.
Photo 3/20   |   2012 Ford F150 lipstick Red Interior
The Ford 5.0L isn’t defcient of power by any means, but that didn’t stop Casey from adding more ponies into the mix. Afer removing the factory intake manifold, a Whipple supercharger was bolted atop the Coyote mill. To help get more air into the supercharger, a CGS cool air intake was installed, and for easier exhaling, a 3-inch CGS exhaust routes the hot gasses out to the back of the truck.
Keeping with the classy yet subtle theme, Casey made the rear doors of the SuperCrew suicide with the help of Street Dreams by Ross door hinges. He then had massive billet door handles milled and installed with sof touch buttons on the inside of the handle that act as door poppers. Up front, Casey and Ron Scranton, his dad, removed the grille assembly from the hood and molded it onto the body. They then flled the grille shell and bumper with stainless mesh from T-Rex. The rear bumper was replaced with a Street Scene roll pan and the tailgate handle was shaved. A Gaylord’s tonneau cover sits on top of the bed rails and adds to the clean look. To really show of the bodywork, Casey painted the whole truck in DuPont Black paint with a simple red stripe pinstriped in silver around the midpoint of the truck.
Photo 7/20   |   2012 Ford F150 open Side Doors
Casey decided to sharply contrast the interior with the exterior. He did so with lipstick red leather, red Porsche carpet, and red suede. Pecca Leather of Downey, California, supplied the leather and Stitchcraf Interiors of Westminster, California, did the upholstery work. To ofset the red, several plastic pieces throughout the cab were painted silver. Vizualogic TV screens were installed in the headrests, which add a nice touch and give Casey’s kids something to enjoy on long road trips. A Colorado Customs steering wheel that matches the wheels was bolted to the factory column and custom CGS badges were afxed to the seats to fnish of the Blue Oval.

Winning the Sony Gran Turismo award for Best Truck at the 2011 SEMA show, Casey’s F-150 is defnitely worth the attention it gets. Casey wanted to send a special thanks to Robert Henry of InDesign Motorsports, 3M, Baer Brakes, Bullet Liner, Seat Belt Planet, Street Scene, and Tintworks.
Photo 8/20   |   cgs Motorsports 2012 Ford F150 web Extra Pictures
Photo 15/20   |   2012 Ford F150 gaylord Tonneau Cover
Inside the Build

Year Make Model: 2012 Ford F-150
Owner and City/State: Casey Scranton • Chino, California
Type: 5.0L Coyote
Induction: Whipple 3.9L supercharger
Exhaust: CGS 3-inch
Built by: CGS Motorsports, Chino, California
Photo 16/20   |   Providing a serious shot in the arm, the 5.0L is boosted by a 3.9L Whipple supercharger. Casey painted the valve covers red to match the lipstick red leather and suede interior.
Rearend: Factory, shortened, with Currie axles
Front suspension: Belltech spindles, springs, and struts
Rear suspension: Triangulated fourlink, Chris Alston’s Varishocks
Brakes: Baer 15-inch rotors and sixpiston calipers
Wheels & Tires:
Wheels: Colorado Customs Super Max 24x8.5-inch and 24x15-inch
Tires: Pirelli PZero Nero 265/35R24 and 405/25R24
Photo 20/20   |   cgs Motorsports 2012 Ford F150 web Extra Pictures



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