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1999 Chevy S10 - The Harlot

A Dime Piece with Gold Standards

John Mata Jr.
Oct 1, 2012
Photo 2/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 front Bumper Emblem
Chances are if you spend any time on Facebook, you've seen this truck before. The photo of the truck's owner Matt Cooper on his knees while filling up at the gas station spread like venereal disease in a house of ill repute. The likes, comments, and shares added up with each passing minute!
What was so confusing about the photo was the nagging questions that echoed in nearly everyone's mind (including ours). Who the hell is this guy? And where the hell did this truck come from? Well, now you know the name, and as far as the S-10 is concerned, it's been tucked away in hiding as it's been under the knife for the last two years. Matt bought the truck in 2001 when he was just a broke college scrub. Just like most young dudes in school, Matt found himself with little time, and even less change in his pockets. Once he was done with his classes, the ability to customize the truck to its further potential finally presented itself.
Photo 3/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 re Pro Sufwoofer
Matt was making decent money straight out of college, but he miscalculated just how much cash he'd need and how much work would have to be dumped into his project. He watched as his friends finished their trucks, then turned around and sold them. The minitruck scene was drying up all around him as his truck sat unnoticed and unfinished.
January 2012 not only represented the start of a brand new year for Matt, but it also served as the beginning of the enjoyment phase for his completed Dime. For the first time in years, the truck made it out into direct sunlight, with its owner behind the wheel and his hand on the switches.
Out of curiously and perversion, we asked Matt just why the he dubbed his ride “The Harlot,” and he replied “The name was chosen because all of my friends have enjoyed getting dirty while working on this truck in one way or another.” Sounds good to us. Let the celebratory keg stand practice begin!

Photo 4/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 shaved Door Handles
Owner: Matt Cooper
Ride: 1999 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Huntington, WV
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x8 Bonspeed Laguna (front) / 20x10 (rear)
Tires: 225/40/18 Nitto 555 (front) / 255/35/20 (rear)

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Belltech 2-inch drop spindles
Suspension (rear): Cantilever two-link
Control Arms: Tubular control arms
Shocks: Toxic
Compressor(s): Two Viair 380s
Air/hydro Accessories: Slam Specialties RE 6 'bags, 5-gallon tank, ½-inch Blitzluft valves
Frame Mods: C-notch
Performed By: Chad Antzes, Adam Cutlip, and Owner

Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, hood squirters, antenna, mirrors, third brake light, fuel door finger notch
Bodydrop: 3-inch stock-floor
Body Mods: Sheetmetal bed, sectioned front bumper curved with the fender, roll pan
Misc.: 35x35 black sliding ragtop
Performed By: Casey Hall, Brandon Wooten at The Chop Factory, Chad Wheeler at Wheelers Customs
Photo 5/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 sunroof
Brand & Colors: PPG Custom mixed candy gold (RMS Pro Finishes)
Misc.: Pinstriping, pin-up girl graphics on wheels
Performed By: Casey Hall at The Chop factory, Darin Allen at Killer Designs, and Adam Cutlip at Sure Shot Custom Airbrush and Paint

Seats: Chopped down and custom upholstered factory bench seat
Dash: Custom rolled fiberglass and vinyl
Gauges: Hidden stock gauges
Misc.: GMC Envoy door handles, custom shifter lever, custom fiberglass speaker enclosure
Performed By: Adam Cutlip, Gary Davis, and Owner

Head Unit: Sound Stream 7-inch flip out
Mids & Highs: RE Audio 6.5-inch components
Subwoofers: Two RE Audio Pro-SE12 d4
Amplifiers: RE Audio 3000.1 and 800.4
Misc.: Custom fiberglass enclosure
Performed By: Adam Cutlip, Gary Davis, and Owner
Photo 6/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 re Audio Pro Se12 Subwoofers
Engine: 2.2L 4-banger
Intake: Cavalier throttle body to keep stock hood
Transmission: Automatic
Rearend Type: Stock
Detail Work: Billet and chrome accents
Performed By: Owner

Special Thanks From Owner
"The good Lord above, my mom and dad, Adam Cutlip, Casey, Brandon Wooten, Ezra Henderson at RMS Pro Finishes, Chad Antzes, Chad Wheeler, Gary Davis at GD Customs, Jason Billups at JB Associates, RE Audio, Jared (Subway) Johnson, Darin Allen, Zack Beavers, Todd Veasey, Scott with Sinners and Saints, and all the other friends and family who have made this possible."
Photo 7/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 bonspeed Laguna Wheels
Photo 8/8   |   1999 Chevy S10 bonspeed Laguna Wheels


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