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Rehabilitated: 1996 GMC 1500

A Rolling Rehab Center for Hollywood’s Finest

Patrick McCarthy
Oct 1, 2012
Photographers: Dan Ward, Harley Camilleri
Photo 2/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 intro Vista Wheels
In the custom truck scene, almost nothing stays constant. Trends come and go, and what may have been a showstopping build a few years ago soon becomes old news. This dynamic nature is what keeps shows fresh and exciting, but it also pushes owners to periodically tear down and rebuild their rides. Professional welder and skate park builder Hubert Jackson of Montgomery, Texas, was one of many truck owners who felt this call. His '96 GMC already had a body drop, custom suspension work, and other mods, but it wasn't enough. It was time for a total rebuild, and he knew just where to start.
Photo 3/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 angelina Jolie
Max Maxwell, an accomplished painter and owner of Maxed Out Designs in Magnolia, Texas, had made Hubert an offer he couldn't refuse. In exchange for the keys to his truck and free reign over the paint design, he gave Hubert a price break and the opportunity for a custom paintjob like no other. Little did Hubert know at the time, but this decision would turn his truck into a true masterpiece. Maxwell used literally every inch of the GMC as a canvas on which to showcase his mastery of the airbrush. He began by layering custom candy pink across the top of the truck, forming a billowing tarp. This tarp is tied down with realistic bungee cords across the truck's sides, but even the strongest cords couldn't hold the cover over what lies beneath.
Photo 4/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 apple Ipad
The bottom half of the truck is strewn with a biomechanical mass of tubes, gears, vents and skulls, reminiscent of artist H.R. Giger's work on the Alien movie sets. As if this weren't enough, Maxwell then incorporated several lifelike caricatures of celebrities into the machine. Marlon Brando, the Godfather himself, stares ominously from the driver's door, while Jack Nicholson sneers nearby. Mick Jagger is caught in a silent wail as tubes penetrate his head, and Schwarzenegger puffs contentedly on a stogie. Johnny Cash flips you the bird, and Anthony Hopkins seems to look into your very soul. Max even put himself on the tailgate next to an especially seductive-looking Angelina Jolie. The level of detail in these renderings is stunning, and the viewer can't help but be drawn in to examine them. Even the truck's interior panels are painstakingly covered in gears, rivets, and tubes.
Photo 5/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 anthony Hopkins
Hubert knew that some other modifications would be necessary to match this incredible paintjob. Body mods such as shaved door handles, a shaved antenna, relocated taillights and tailgate latch, and the addition of a roll pan were performed prior to painting. The truck's existing body drop and Air Lift suspension remained, but Hubert added 22-inch Intro Twisted Vista wheels with more of the shimmering pink candy paint. The Vortec engine remains mostly stock, with a cold air intake, performance chip, and Flowmaster exhaust. However, thanks to plenty of candy pink and gloss black accents it looks clean and tidy.
This GMC's interior continues the paint theme seamlessly, and the attention to detail is mind-boggling. The fiberglass dash flows with more rippling tarp material, and the bezels are covered in intricate gears and rust. The steering wheel appears anodized thanks to more candy pink, which also carries over to the doorsills, door handle surrounds, and pedals. Even the grey suede upholstery is stitched in a matching pink color. A custom fiberglass center console runs over the transmission tunnel and branches off beneath the seats, where it houses four JBL subwoofers. The rest of the truck's sound system consists of Focal speakers, Orion amps, and—one of Hubert's favorite mods—an iPad recessed into the dash.
The combination of these tasteful modifications and Maxed Out's insane paint skill yields a truck that truly must be seen to be believed. It's no surprise that this GMC has won Best Paint at every show since its debut, and has taken Best Truck at two shows as well. The word "rehabilitated" that spans the truck's tailgate couldn't be more appropriate. After all, thanks to countless hours of hard work, this truck has a new look and a new lease on life. Hubert would like to thank Maxed Out Designs, Lakeside Audio, "Big" Mike Robbins, Mark from Slaughterhouse, Store A2Z Detailing, Weldwire Texas, and his wife, Sherry, for their hard work and support.
Photo 9/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 gears
Photo 10/16   |   1996 Gmc 1500 motion
Inside the Build

Year Make Model: 1996 GMC 1500
Owner and City/State: Hubert Jackson • Montgomery, Texas
Type: Vortec 5.7L V-8
Induction: Cold-air intake
Exhaust: Flowmaster 2½-inch

Transmission: 700-R4
Rearend: 3.55 gears
Front suspension: Air Lift airbags with 3/8 Parker valves, Penske shocks
Rear suspension: Air Lift airbags with 3/8 Parker valves, Penske shocks

Wheels & Tires:
Wheels: 22-inch Intro Twisted Vista, custom pink accents
Tires: Nitto 235/30R22



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