Navistar Defense Tactical Pickup Truck

November 2012 Military Power

Jason Thompson
Nov 1, 2012
Navistar Defense, Indigen Armor, and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) have teamed up to create the International Special Operations Tactical Vehicle. This compact pickup was designed for negotiating populated urban areas, performing high-speed maneuvers, and offers the flexibility of helicopter transportability. Its modular construction was engineered to adapt to changing battle conditions and is capable of supporting three-to-seven-men crews. The Special Operations Tactical Vehicle represents a new United States military trend—in which technology born in the off-road racing industry gets applied to military vehicles. The result is a vehicle with less emphasis on the science of surviving a huge blast, and more on avoiding the explosion by means of stealth, speed, and surprise.
Photo 2/4   |   november 2012 Military Power navistar Tactical Vehicle
MIL-SPEC: International Special Operations Tactical Vehicle
Manufacturer: Navistar Defense
Wheelbase: 122½ inches
Width: 76 inches
Length: 210 inches
Height: 72 inches
Curb weight: 6,700 pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 13,500 pounds
Payload: 6,400 pounds
Fording depth: 36 inches
Top speed: More than 100 mph (85 mph governed)
Electronics: Command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) suite
Transmission: Allison 2550SP six-speed automatic with transfer case
Front suspension: Double wishbone, coilover shocks, and hydraulic bumpstops with recirculating ball power steering and hydraulic ram-assist
Rear suspension: Semi-trailing arm with coilover shocks and hydraulic bumpstops
Photo 3/4   |   The Special Operations Tactical Vehicle features selectable armor packages that can be changed by the crew. This vehicle designed for the GMV 1.1 program is 8,100 pounds lighter than the Saratoga (which is designed for the heavier-duty JLTV program). Reducing the vehicle’s weight makes this tactical truck capable of long-range missions without the need to refuel.
Navistar Defense Diesel Engine
Engine: MaxxForce 6.0D
Type: Direct Injection (DI), V-8, intercooled
Displacement: 6.0L
Bore: 3.75 inches
Stroke: 4.1 inches
Horsepower: 325 hp
Torque: 570 lb-ft
Fuel system: Generation 2 electro hydraulic
Fuel: JP8 compatible
Turbocharger: Single variable-geometry turbine
Heads: Gray-iron with four valves per cylinder
Block: Gray-iron
Flywheel housing: SAE mounting pattern
Photo 4/4   |   november 2012 Military Power navistar Diesel Engine
Founded By Soldiers
Indigen Armor says it was conceived in a makeshift trailer located in a volatile combat zone during early 2004. The founders, military veterans with extensive Special Operations and high-risk protection backgrounds, were working in support of U.S. national security interests at the time. "As former special operators, we have first-hand knowledge of how critical vehicle mobility and transportability are to SOCOM missions," said John Choate, president of Indigen Armor and former Navy SEAL. "This knowledge helped us bring to the table a mature, purpose-built and tested tactical vehicle platform when developing our team's GMV 1.1 offering."




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