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Exotic Suspensions’ Work Truck | 2001 Ford F-250

Getting the Most Out of Your Parts Runner

Brad Stillwell
Dec 1, 2012
Photographers: Brad Stillwell
It’s often said that everything is bigger in Texas. The funny thing is, Joel Alvarez, owner of Exotic Suspensions in Odessa, Texas, never had this thought in the back of his mind when he purchased his 10-cylinder-powered, four-wheel-drive, Toreador Red ’01 F-250 for daily use at his custom suspension shop. He could have easily purchased a smaller truck, but he knew he needed something that would handle both small and large jobs.
Growing up a Chevy guy, it was hard for him to move to the big Blue Oval, but he soon forgot about the days of Bow Ties after driving his new Ford for a few months. It wasn’t too long before his simple shop truck was transformed into a rig that had people talking.
Photo 2/11   |   This shop truck draws attention to Exotic Suspensions in Odessa, Texas.
Being in the custom truck business, Joel knew he had to build the Ford in a way that represented his taste as well as the image of his business. First, he had to decide if he was going to drop it or lift it. Lowering the truck really wouldn’t work because it would reduce the rig’s ability to handle the weight of a car hauler with a customer car inside. Lifting the truck was the most practical option if he wanted to use it as a working shop truck.
With the ball finally rolling, Joel’s first order of business to get the truck higher off the ground was to install a lift kit. A Rough Country 6-inch lift fit the bill. Next, rather than installing the readily available gear that anyone can buy, Joel and his team installed a four-shock setup up front, dual stabilizers down below, and rear traction bars—all of which are custom creations made in-house at Exotic Suspensions.
Photo 3/11   |   There’s a lot of room on a heavy-duty truck for advertising your business.
“Growing up a Chevy guy, it was hard for him to move to the big Blue Oval, but he soon forgot about the days of Bow Ties after driving his new Ford for a few months. It wasn’t too long before his simple shop truck was transformed into a truck that had people talking.”
Now that the truck had the right height, stance, and ride Joel wanted, it was time to draw attention to the rest of the F-250. There are numerous tasteful add-ons that your eyes are drawn to. Depending on your internal wiring, you may be the kind who immediately notices the wheels on a truck. If that’s the case, you will see the chrome, 20x12 XD Rockstar wheels wrapped in Nitto Trail Grapplers. If your eyes are drawn to the body, you will see the ram-air hood, front bumper with billet inserts, or the custom grille insert.
Looking at the inside of the truck, you would never believe that it is used on a daily basis. The interior is spotless and has custom, paint-matched, ostrich inlays in the seats, console, and door panel inserts. Under the rear seat is a custom box housing two 12-inch JL Audio W5 subwoofers. Pushing the tunes out is a Pioneer touch screen with DVD and navigation.
Photo 4/11   |   exotic Suspensions Work Truck 2001 Ford F250 custom Exotic Suspensions Graphics
Under the hood is an SCT-tuned V-10 putting out 415 hp and 698 lb-ft of torque. If that isn’t enough, there’s also a Cold Fusion nitrous kit that has an extra 75 ponies waiting. Power is transferred down to the stock automatic transmission with a shift kit and 2,800-rpm stall converter. The healthy V-10 has a beautiful exhaust note thanks to a 3-inch Flowmaster system finished off with 5-inch tips.
This shop truck draws stares and tons of attention as it works for Joel and his team at Exotic Suspensions. The truck is used on a daily basis to pick up parts for customer builds and metal for the custom creations made in-house as well as to deliver customer vehicles. Joel has become somewhat bored with the truck and has plans on a complete rebuild in the next few months. He would like to see the truck taller, with 44-inch rubber, and more power to push it to the next level.
Photo 11/11   |   exotic Suspensions Work Truck 2001 Ford F250 2001 Ford F250 Side View


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