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GR8WHYT | 1990 Ford F-350

This ’90 Ford is one of the nicest OBS trucks in the country—and we drove to Idaho to check it out!

Tom Valente
Dec 1, 2012
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
There are a lot of nice diesel pickups in this country, but it seems a disproportionate amount are in California, Texas, and Florida—and take up all the space in national magazines. If you live in other states, your chances of getting your truck featured in a publication are much smaller. And if you live in a tiny town in a remote state, it’s darn near impossible to get the attention of a magazine editor.

Stan Jones of Emmett Diesel in Emmett, Idaho, knew it was an uphill battle to get anyone to pay attention to his OBS Ford. But it is such a nice OBS Ford that he had faith someone would take notice. Stan sent a photo of the ’90 1-ton to editor Bob Carpenter with a list of parts he had put on the truck.
Photo 2/20   |   1212 8l 02 Gr8whyt 1990 Ford F350 Ford F359 Emblem
Photo 3/20   |   1212 8l 01 Gr8whyt 1990 Ford F350 35 Inch Tires
Bingo! The timing turned out to be perfect, as Bob was going to be within 150 miles of Emmett, Idaho, while on a trip. Mr. 8-Lug pointed his rental car in the direction of Emmett and arrived to find the crew still working on the 1-ton. A second turbo was being installed, and the fitment wasn’t exactly what the boys were hoping for. On top of that, the local sign guy was late arriving with all the lettering. As the sun got lower and lower in the sky, the workers continued to speed up their efforts, and there was just barely enough time to get the photos done. Nevertheless, the photos turned out great—and now everyone in the country gets to see the handiwork of the Emmett Diesel brigade.
Photo 4/20   |   1212 8l 05 Gr8whyt 1990 Ford F350 Engine View
This crew cab pickup utilizes a 5.9L Cummins engine from a ’97. The pump was tweaked on a G56 transmission, a South Bend dual-disc clutch kit was installed, and Diesel Power Source D-Tech 62 and S480 turbos were installed. The 12-valve engine has a set of DDP 140hp injectors, a 140hp fuel plate, water-methanol injection, and a 5-inch exhaust. An electric fan keeps everything cool. Speaking of cool, the BD Cool Covers dress up the engine, but the machined-fin tops help dissipate some heat. A 6.0L Ford intercooler keeps the incoming air charge nice and cool.
One important mod to the 12-valve engine was the addition of a killer dowel pin kit from TST Products. The ’89 to ’98 5.9L Cummins has a dowel pin to mate the front gear housing to the block. The problem is, the hole for the dowel goes all the way through the block, and over time the dowel can work its way back and then drop into the engine. The dowel might simply drop into the oil pan or it could completely destroy your engine. The KDP is an easy fix (well, there’s a bit of work involved, but definitely a DIY thing).
Photo 11/20   |   1212 8l 19 Gr8whyt 1990 Ford F350 Emmett Diesel Performance Shop
“Stan Jones of Emmett Diesel in Emmett, Idaho, knew it was an uphill battle to get anyone to pay attention to his OBS Ford. But it is such a nice OBS Ford that he had faith someone would take notice.”
A FASS 220-gph fuel/water separator runs at 65 psi and ensures good, water-free fuel reaches the engine. The ’90 was lifted 5 inches with Pro Comp products and rides on 35-inch tires mounted on 18-inch wheels. The wheels are connected to a Dana 80 in the rear and a Dana 60 in the front. Gears are 4:10 with lockers.

The attention to detail on this truck is commendable. The white suspension pieces combined with the touches of orange here and there really make a difference. It’s not hard to see why Stan calls this truck GR8WHYT.


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