Supernova Duty

Lifted and Programmed For Performance and Power

Jason Thompson
Dec 1, 2012
Photographers: Jason Thompson
Eddie Marquez of Torrance, California, built the ultimate weekend warrior by starting with the right truck platform and enhancing it with the best parts the aftermarket has to offer. This all-white truck runs very clean and still makes more than 500 hp at the wheels. The 6.4L International diesel engine found between its framerails represents the new face of diesel performance. With its precise, high-pressure common-rail injection system and sophisticated turbocharging scheme, daily driving, racing, and towing is all possible for this solid-axle truck.
Photo 2/14   |   supernova Duty 2008 Ford F 350 Front Three Quarter
The Aftermarket Touch
With the foundation set, the real fun was able to begin. Eddie uses his truck to tow, so he did not want to make it an off-road-only vehicle. By realistically assessing his needs, doing his homework, and selecting the right parts, he was able to get his truck right the first time. In order to go fast in the desert, you need high-performance shocks with lots of travel and large reservoirs able to dissipate all the heat generated in the damping action. Fabtech Dirt Logic coilovers fit the bill and are paired with a Fabtech 8-inch suspension lift. The four-link front suspension provides great articulation, which is good for keeping the wheels planted on the ground when going over uneven terrain. This same setup is also able to locate the front Dana 60 and keep it from experiencing hop when all the engine’s torque is applied to the wheels. The truck and suspension setup have proven themselves every time Eddie has taken the Ford on a long road trip to the desert or river.
Photo 3/14   |   The Fabtech lift kit consists of a new four-link setup for the front axle, which includes Dirt Logic 4.0 coilover shocks. The 5R110 transmission is stock.
The engine, on the other hand, needed less major changes and was enhanced with just a few modifications, such as an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and diesel particulate filter (DPF) delete. In order to make the engine more efficient and live to its upmost potential, Eddie added a Banks Power air intake and exhaust. The last step was to add more fuel and change the injection timing with an H&S Performance programmer. In order to tie the project together and get the right look, a whole new Oxford White paintjob was applied, along with a few other minor touches.
Photo 4/14   |   supernova Duty front Axle
Our 2012 Diesel Power Challenge winner, Erik Clausen, proved the might of a programmed and lifted 6.4L. Although Eddie Marquez’s truck isn’t built to Erik’s grueling specifications, he’s still in great company.
Photo 5/14   |   supernova Duty 2008 Super Duty Rear Shot



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