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1982 Chevy S10 - Shell Shock

A Crash Course in Combat

John Mata Jr.
Dec 1, 2012
Photographers: Brandon Burrell
Photo 2/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 mastercraft Avenger Tires
Before you ask, "what in God’s name is this THING doing in Mini Truckin’?!", sit back and take a load off. This vehicular mash-up is a minitruck, or at least it used to be. It’s still registered as an ’82 S-10, but without taking a closer inspection, who would’ve guessed?
"Just wish me luck on the road, because if I ever get pulled over, they are never going to believe this is a S-10 when they run the plates" says the truck’s owner/builder Justin Haas. With so many parts taken from so many makes and models, looking at this ratty pickup becomes a game of guess the donor. But the truck’s final outcome wasn’t something Justin had in mind from the beginning. Not even close.
What Justin ended up with is a pretty damn cool creation that most minitrucks hardly evolve into. Maybe devolve is a better fitting term here, but however you want to say it, this truck is far from being a Dime a dozen S-10—that much is certain. What started out as a $300 scrap purchase turned into a definite attention magnet no matter if that attention is good or bad. Whether it’s loved or hated, people will stop and look at the truck just to see what it’s all about. And that’s really what it’s all about, right? Justin tells us, "I bought the truck for the bed to replace on another truck and was left with a cab and frame. I wanted to build a Rat rod for some time and just wanted to see what I could come up with."
And where did Justin get the inspiration to start building such a beastly ride? "Working at my family’s business, Classic Auto Body, my buddy Greg King asked us about painting his Blazer. After working on it and going to a couple shows, I was hooked on minis. While building my truck, I learned how to rust metal in just a few seconds, and how to make white wall tires. I wouldn’t do a thing to it differently, it turned out just the way I wanted." And with that, we’ll let Justin’s truck march proudly into battle.
"What in God's name is this thing doing in Mini Truckin'?!"
Photo 6/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 classic Chevrolet Tailgate
Owner: Justin Haas
Ride: 1982 Chevy S-10
Hometown: Granite Falls, NC
Club: Sculptured
The Lowdown

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 15x7 black steel wheels with baby moon centers
Tires: 235/70/15 Mastercraft Avenger made into whitewalls

Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: ’60 Ford truck beam axle with Chevy five-lug hubs and single-spring traverse setup
Suspension Rear: Triangulated four-link with Slam Specialties SS-7 ’bags on bars
Shocks: ’06 Harley-Davidson Sportster rear coilovers at front, standard shocks at rear
Compressor(s): Viair 400
Air Accessories: Keg air tank
Frame Mods: 2x4 square tubing
Brakes: Front ’96 Monte Carlo disc brakes, rear stock drums from 12-bolt axle
Performed By: Owner and Bobby Beane at Classic Auto Body
Photo 7/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 dolphin Gauges
Body Modifications
Shaved: Hood, fenders, cowl, firewall, door handles, vent cowl, mirrors
Bodydrop: Stock-floor
Body Mods: 11-inch chop, ’70 Jeep CJ5 grille modified to hold a ’55 Chevy Bel Air copper radiator, ’68 Chevy C-10 bed with old saw mill cut poplar wood floor, ’29 Ford A-model taillights and ’06 Harley-Davidson turn signals, Harley-Davidson mirrors, driveshaft tunnel and lower firewall made from 55-gallon tunnel
Bolt-ons: Army ammo cases used for battery and storage
Performed By: Owner
Photo 8/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 1975 Jeep Cj5 Grille
Brand and Colors: Government spec low gloss green over red oxide
Performed By: Owner and Bobby Beane at Classic Auto Body

Seats: Custom rusted metal bomber seats
Dash: Rusted metal
Gauges: Dolphin
Misc.: Metal and poplar wood door panels, 2.5x4 sunroof with wood trim, right-hand drive, underdash brake and clutch setup, ’47 Ford rearview
Performed By: Owner
Photo 9/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 g Force Harness
Engine: ’77 Chevy 350
Camshaft: Herbert Thumper
Header/exhaust: Custom Lake Headers
Transmission: S-10 five-speed
Rearend type: 12-bolt Chevy
Misc.: S-10 driveshaft shortened 3 inches,
Performed By: Owner and Bobby Beans Classic Auto Body

Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to my parents for their help and support, thanks to Greg King, Russell Coffey, Ray Teague, Damon Kirby, Michael Pearson, Matthew Gragg, and Matt Ford for being there to lend a hand."
Photo 10/10   |   1982 Chevy S10 chevy 350


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