Sinnamon - 1996 GMC Sonoma

Spiced Just Right

Grant Cox
Apr 7, 2013
Photographers: Grant Cox
Photo 2/10   |   1996 Gmc Somona driver Side View
David's vision started over five years ago when he was heavily into the minitruckin' scene. S-10s and Sonomas were popping up in all of the magazines and were smothering the show scene. It didn't take long for David to make the decision on what he wanted to build.
After doing some local searching, he found a diamond in the rough—'96 GMC Sonoma. Once a game plan was set it was time to break out with the blood, sweat, and tears. He tore the truck down to the frame and back-halved the truck for a Suicide Doors four-link and turned the rear frame into the air tank. Next, the frame received the proper treatment for a bodydrop.
Photo 3/10   |   1996 Gmc Sonoma raceline Deceptive 5 Wheels
You may not have noticed by the way the truck looks today, but it actually started out as a Fleetside truck. David had cut and massaged the bedsides to raise them up 1½ inches higher to give the truck a much cleaner look with style. He also gave the bed a smooth sheetmetal treatment. A set of Caddy taillights frenched into the smoothed back of the bed put the cherry on top for what he wanted to accomplish.
Up front, where the heart of a truck resides, David decided to toss out the stock motor and drop in a healthy Chevy small-block backed up by 400 Turbo trans with 3000 TCI stall converter. Before the new transplant was hooked up, a Comp cam and Edelbrock performer intake were added. To give the total package a true healthy sound, a set of ceramic-coated headers feed the Flowmaster mufflers.
The "to do" list was being checked off, but next was the body of the truck. To keep the smooth clean lines flowing throughout the build, the mirrors were the first to go, followed by the door handles. And to stuff a set of big wheels under this truck, the firewall had to be tubbed. Next, it was time to start the tedious job of sanding everything down to an ultra smooth finish before handing the truck over to his good friend, Shawn Stephens, to lay down a coat of DuPont ChromaBase Cinnamon paint.
In the interior, pieces were sanded down and painted. David contacted Centranz to fabricate a few billet interior pieces to give the inside a unique touch. R&S upholstery did their magic on the two-tone bench seat, carpet, headliner, and ragtop.
With the truck back from the paint shop and the interior complete, it was time to make that ever so hard decision—wheel selection. After browsing around the Internet, and his favorite magazine (shameless plug), the choice was made. David called up Raceline to cook up a set of custom 20-inch Deceptive 5's.
Photo 4/10   |   1996 Gmc Sonoma grille
After all the years of agony and celebration, David is thankful for his loving girlfriend and friends that gave him a hand when things looked dim. Without family like that, this truck my not have been possible. With a big breath of air, David can now sit back and admire his creation. What was once a dream is now a reality.
The Lowdown
1996 GMC Sonoma
David Paul Duncan
Independence, MO
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 20x8.5 Raceline Deceptive 5
Tires: 235/45/20 Falken

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Slam Specialties RE7 ’bags
Suspension (rear): Suicide Doors four-link
Control Arms: Suicide Doors arms
Shocks: Nissan shocks in front, S-10 shocks at rear
Compressor(s): Two Viair 380s
Frame Mods: Back half made into the air tank
Brakes: Rear ’97 Blazer discs
Misc.: Billet by Centranz
Performed By: Owner and friends
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles and mirrors
Bodydrop: Yep
Body Mods: Caddy tails, step shavers, tubbed firewall, smooth bed skin, frenched antenna
Suicide Doors: Nope
Bolt-ons: Billet accessories
Misc.: Raised bedsides up 1½ inches, stretched bumper six inches, sliding ragtop
Performed By: Owner
Brand & Colors: DuPont ChromaBase Cinnamon
Performed By: Shawn Stephens
Seats: Two-tone bench seat
Dash: Sanded and painted
Gauges: Auto Meter
Misc.: All plastics sanded and painted
Performed By: Owner and family, seats, sliding rag, carpet, and headliner by R&S Upholstery
Engine: Destroked 327
Camshaft: Comp Cam with 555 lift & 306 duration
Intake: Edelbrock Performer EPS
Header/Exhaust: Ceramic coated headers, Flowmaster exhaust
Transmission: 400 Turbo with TCI stall converter with 300 stall
Rearend Type: Stock
Detail Work: Billet Specialties parts
Performed By: Owner
Special Thanks From Owner
"Thank you to my lady for putting up with all my crap while I was building the truck, thanks to all my friends for helping me out, Jake Harris, Mike Logan, Pat Cox, John Sroufe, Dave “Mini Truck” Bridge, CNC Auto Glass, Steve Cox."



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