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1999 Ford Ranger - Twice Upon A Time

The Woes of Revision and Do Overs

Chris “Krisko” Knotts
Apr 9, 2013
Photo 2/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger passenger Side View
Looking out across the huge show field, I couldn't help but notice a brightly colored Ranger with the most vibrant graphics I'd seen in a while. It's the type of paint scheme that grabs your attention and lures you in for a closer look. But of course, it didn't always look this way. It actually started to take shape many years ago.
As most of us did when we were younger, owner Beau Martin would doodle drawings of lowered trucks around the age of 12. The other kids would tease him about his sketches, telling him that trucks can't be that low. But he told him that he would have one that low someday. How right he was. Beau never actually liked Blue Oval vehicles. But after quite a few reliable Ford trucks were driven for years in his family, he learned to love them. So much in fact that he eventually bought a 'bagged Ranger on Craigslist two years ago. The seller didn't have a picture posted so Beau just had to check it out. Oddly enough, he arranged to meet the seller at a Jack in the Box parking lot at 2 a.m. one night to discuss the sale. After Beau and his buddy gave it a once over, they decided it needed a lot of work but the project was doable. After a little price haggling the Ranger found a new home and would never be the same.
Photo 3/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger sheet Metal Bucket Seat
Not long after it was brought home, the Ranger was torn apart to see what needed to be done. Most of the suspension components such as the 'bags and valves were in working order, but the actual brackets, mounts and frame were in dire need of repair. So much so, that the fellas decided to cut the frame off at the firewall and throw all new metal in and build the chassis from the ground up.
Beau was never a huge fan of crazy, twisted, and complicated suspensions. Instead, he wanted something clean, simple, and reliable. And that's just what was built. Not long after the truck was finally at home resting on Mother Earth, was it taken to get some new color. It was painted a bright green—a color that he flaunted for a short while. That was until after a few months of driving it he noticed some spots on the roof along with some other flaws. At one point the spots on the roof turned into bubbles. Curious about this, Beau popped the bubbles and pulled on the paint, which he said, "looked like tint peeling off of a window”. Disgusted with the results, he turned to well know paint master and personal friend Patrick Reid to transform his truck into something much greater.
This is where things got interesting. At this point, Beau must have been completely frustrated. He literally dropped the truck off with Patrick, handed him some cash, and told him to do his thing. That's right—no colors were selected, the graphics weren't chosen, and there was no scheme in place whatsoever. Patrick was a little concerned about this considering he wasn't given any direction to go in. All Beau told him was, "If you like it, I'll love it. Everything you do is awesome, just paint the damn thing.” And so he did.
During the painting process Patrick kept the Ranger under lock and key. Even when Beau came over, he wasn't allowed in the shop until the truck was finished. And it wasn't long before the doors finally opened and the truck was revealed to its owner. The doors to the bay opened, light poured in and the colors exploded. There was an immediate response from Beau who seemed less than pleased, "Yellow, dude? Are you serious?” And after a long nerve racking pause and a very worried look on Patrick's face, Beau finally replied, "Man, I love it!” The paint scheme was perfect. Although unknown what it would look like, he trusted his painter to deliver. He loved his style, loved everything about his work, and he knew once it was in good hands, it would be one less thing he'd have to stress over.
Photo 7/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger hood Graphics
Shortly after the truck left the paint booth, it was taken to Ryan Alford at Ryan's Sheetmetal Design—an up and coming name in the minitruckin' world. Ryan has made a place for himself with his sheetmetal interior pieces. He took some measurements and whipped up the metal art you see inside the Ranger that Beau gets to enjoy every time he takes the truck out for a spin.
After completing the truck, Beau has taken it to every show possible. He drives it daily and thoroughly appreciates the fruits of his labor. He named his truck Twice Time mainly because of all the double time he worked to pay for the truck to be built, but also because everything had to be done twice. You pay for what you get and it looks like the second time around for this Ranger was definitely a big win.
Photo 11/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger sunset Truck Club Houston Texas
Owner: Beau Martin
Ride: 1999 Ford Ranger
Hometown: La Porte, TX
Club: Sunset

The Lowdown
Wheels: 22-inch Velocity 865
Tires: 235/30/22 Fullrun
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Slam Specialties RE7 'bags
Suspension (rear): Firestone 2600 'bags
Control Arms: Modified stock lowers, uppers have been raised
Shocks: KYB front and rear
Compressor(s): Viair 380c dual pack
Air/Hydro Accessories GC Xtreme 450 valves, two three-gallon tanks, all ½ line, 200psi pressure switch
Frame Mods: Z'd front, 2x3 box tubing from firewall back
Brakes: Stock
Performed By: Owner, Scott Burchett, Adam Loehr

Body Modifications
Shaved: Antenna, third brake light, door handles, taillights, stake pockets, gas door, side mirrors, wiper cowl
Bodydrop: Stock-floor
Body Mods: Molded fenders and Cali combo
Suicide Doors: No sir
Bolt-ons: Billet grille
Performed By: Owner, Adam Loehr, Patrick Reid, and A&R Customs
Photo 12/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger 22 Inch Velocity 865 Wheels
Brand & Colors: PPG Ford Screaming American Yellow and many other PPG colors
Performed By: Patrick Reid

Seats: RSD seats
Dash: Stock painted
Gauges: Stock
Misc.: Paint and tweed
Performed By: Ryan's Sheetmetal Designs and Patrick Reid
Head Unit: Pioneer 4300 DVD
Mids & Highs: Infinity Kappa
Subwoofers: db Drive 12s
Amplifiers: db Drive 1800
Performed By: Albert Grothe
Photo 13/16   |   1999 Ford Ranger tailgate
Engine: 3.0L Ford
Intake: Aftermarket cold air
Header/Exhaust: Magnaflow exhaust
Transmission: Auto
Rearend Type: Stock
Misc.:15-gallon aluminum fuel cell from Jegs
Performed By: Beau Martin

Special Thanks From Owner:
"Thanks to my mom for supporting me from a young age, my wife Jennifer, daughter Taylor for putting up with all the sleepless nights, Adam, Scott, Albert, Patrick, Ryan, Brandon Taylor for always supporting me, Steven Dashney for keeping me laughing, SUNSET for letting me be a part of history and the club, Jason "Pugz” Walker and Mini Truckin' for making all this possible."


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