Muscle Truck - 2011 GMC Sierra HD

Shaun Freilich and Complete Customs Love Their Jobs

Matt Emery
May 7, 2013
Photographers: Matt Emery
What's the best part of being in business for yourself—especially when you happen to be in the custom vehicle business? Building a bitchin' vehicle and using it as a business expense, that's what. And it's completely legit to boot.
That's not to say Shaun Freilich, who owns Complete Customs in McKinney, Texas, only built this sweet '11 GMC HD Sierra HD to promote his business; he's a real, dyed-in-the-wool truck lover—and has been for most of his 31 years.
Freilich says he and Roland Trudell (of RBP fame) thought of the design of the truck over dinner a year ago. A short time later, he had Keg-Media put a rendering together incorporating all the ideas that took place over that fateful dinner. The pair wanted to design and build a ¾-ton diesel truck to compete with the Ford Raptor. We like to call the style Muscle Truck, and we think it's already catching on.
Photo 2/7   |   MGP caliper brake covers were customized with the Complete Customs logo, which really cleans up the look of the ugly stock calipers.
The HD, or Heavy D, as Freilich calls it, is a big truck as it comes, so Freilich felt all it really needed was a 2.5-inch leveling kit to stuff 38-inch tires on it. For that, he went to Icon Vehicle Dynamics. The Icon crew decided they would fix the problem of a droopy nose that plagues new GM 2500HD and 3500HD trucks and add 2.5 inches of travel at the same time, using the company's Uniball upper arm system. Freilich was sold on the system and had Industrial Motoring of Anaheim, California, do the job. IM also added Icon's 2.5-inch VS-series performance coilover shocks. These reservoir-equipped shocks are valved specifically for the big GMs and really take the roll out of the body during hard turns.
The 38s Freilich envisioned turned out to be 38x24 Nitto Trail Grapplers that were mounted on 24-inch RBP 96R wheels. Adding even more style is the MGP caliper brake covers that were customized with the Complete Customs logo, which is engraved in them. They sure look better than the ugly stock calipers and give the wheel and tire combination a perfect finish.
The paint finish looked perfect as it came from the factory, but Freilich had to repaint it after he modified the wheel openings. He not only added 4 inches to the openings, but he actually lengthened them a full 3 inches as well. The result is one that vastly improves the look of the GMC, but one that is made entirely of metal. Yep, no fiberglass here! Just good, old-fashioned, custom fabrication. We like that.
Another thing we liked was the addition of a color-matched RBP RX-3 Series Grille. RBP grilles look substantial, and since Freilich wanted to go head to head (grille to grille?) with the Raptor, he needed something substantial. Also color-matched was the UnderCover tonneau cover, which hides a Bedrug carpet kit and a set of UnderCover swing boxes. When the fab work was done, Freilich had his Complete Customs crew apply the striking Metallic Silver paint. The final touch was the addition of a set of Anzo L.E.D. taillights. This truck looks good coming or going. Or stopping…
Photo 6/7   |   GM may have supplied the 6.6L engine, but PPE’s Xcelerator programmer provided the power.
The going was helped with a call to PPE. Since the company specializes in GM diesels, adding more power to the 6.6L with the Xcelerator controller was a no-brainer for Freilich. Getting the exhaust out of the engine was enhanced with an RBP exhaust system that ends with a cool, black, heat-treated and coated Magnum tip.
Let's face it, leather seats scream upscale. Who doesn't love leather seats? OK, maybe cows aren't too thrilled with the idea, but thanks to the custom Roadwire leather seat covers, the Chevy's interior is sweet. Keeping with the paint scheme, Freilich chose black leather outerts with silver carbon fiber inserts with silver stitching and had his guys at Complete Customs do the work. Hydro-dipped plastic pieces also add a great look while the Kicker amps and subs make the stereo system sound a lot better.
Freilich says the idea behind the truck was to do something different that had not been done in the industry. Diesel trucks are very capable rides, but Freilich and therefore Complete Customs, wanted his truck to be all that and much more. He wanted it to be clean aesthetically as well as capable—and it had to be comfortable for when he hits the show circuit. Freilich has a busy year ahead of him, so you'll probably be able to get a close-up look at his ride. We're sure you'll be impressed.
Photo 7/7   |   2011 Gmc Sierra Hd Rear View



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