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2004 Chevy Colorado - Pickled: The Real Dill

A Colorado That Will Make You Green

Chris “Krisko” Knotts
Jul 10, 2013
Sometimes good enough never is … at least that was the case with this pickle-colored Colorado. The truck was bought new off the showroom floor in 2003. It was Chevrolet's big debut of their fresh lineup of minis and Kyle "Pickle" Garza just had to have one. Pickle picked up this brand new machine with no intention of doing anything to it. After hanging around with an influential band of brothers and seeing the rides they were building, he got bit by that all too familiar bug and started tinkering with his new ride.
Things did start off slow for this virgin vehicle. The first few mods it saw were things like a small static drop, a new sound system, and a fresh set of wheels. This satisfied his urges for a while, but it wasn't long before he wanted more—and that's just what he got. He dropped the truck lower, bolted on some bigger rollers, and even started working on the interior. His truck was finally starting to take on a new identity, but all the new mods were still not enough. He wanted more.
This wasn't about to be just another ordinary build. Not only was he preparing to tear apart a new truck that very few had tackled in this manner, but he planned on doing it all in six weeks. There were many long nights put in at the shop by Pickle and a few friends. It was all in part to help shine the spotlight on a new shop that his friend just opened up, Dotlow Rides. What a better way to get attention than to chop up a brand new body style truck and dump it on the ground! The build went smoothly for being done in such a short time. But as Pickle will tell you, it really puts things into perspective when you see how much work goes into a build like this. It's not just the big stuff either, it's the time and effort it takes just to do the small things that nobody will ever notice.
Photo 2/12   |   2004 Chevy Colorado 3
Once he began taking the truck to shows, the build really started to pick up steam. The admiration for his hard work was well received but that only pushed him to keep going. After attending more shows throughout the season, Pickle finally stacked up some cash to really get what he was after—the 3 B's … 'bags, a bodydrop, and billets. This combo would definitely make the Colorado a contender in the show circuit. This is where things began to get interesting.
Once the frame had been taken care of there was yet another hurdle that Pickle and his friends decided to jump. The truck not only had to be stock floored on big billets, it had to rock a stock hood to complete the look. As most of you may know, this is not an easy task. The fellas gave it a go and went to work. In his own words, the engine was dropped "far enough that the oil pan could crush an ant". And there it would stay. After the mounts were built to hold the motor in place it was time to see if their extra effort had been worth it. The hood was mounted back on the truck to see if it would close correctly. Everyone in the shop gathered around the front of the Colorado and before anyone was ready his buddy the hood let go of the hood and it slammed shut. Success.
After asking Pickle what he thought about the machine he now has, he said, "no matter what it is that you are building, build what you like. Do it, but do it right by getting the right sh*t and working with the right people. You just can't compromise with quality when you're skating just above the pavement doing 70." He did the best he could with the money he had and the friends he had to do it with. "At the end of the day, it's your truck…build it for yourself and drive it." With the tremendous amount quality work and parts that went into this vehicle, it's easy to see what makes this badass Colorado, as Pickle would call it, "The Real Dill."
Photo 3/12   |   2004 Chevy Colorado Pickle Reariew Mirror
The Lowdown
2004 Chevy Colorado
Kyle "Pickle" Garza • Houston, TX

Rolling Attire
Wheels: 22x8.5 Raceline Explosion (front) / 22x10 (rear)
Tires: 245/30/22 Nitto Invo (front) / 295/25/22 (rear)

Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): 3-inch drop spindles built by Max Fish at Bio Kustumz, Firestone 2500 'bags
Suspension (rear): Two-link with Air Life Dominator 2500 'bags
Control Arms: Tubular DHP uppers and lowers
Shocks: Hardbody shocks all around
Compressor(s): Helix UltraAer 200s
Frame Mods: 2-inch Z up front, 2x3 custom frame from firewall back, frame serves as 7-gallon air tank Brakes: ABS delete with Wilwood proportioning valve Performed By: Dotlow Rides Body Modifications Shaved: Third brake light, XM roof antenna, tailgate Bodydrop: Stockfloor Body Mods: Rollpan, Caddy tails flipped upside down (thanks for the inspiration Ken Bunton)
Bolt-ons: Street Scene Gen 1 bumper, Cal-VU mirrors, grille inserts, and fog lights
Misc.: Xtreme Colorado headlights and DRLs
Performed By: Taillights by Carlos Bernal of Bernal Auto Designs

Brand & Colors: DuPont Synergy Green
Misc.: Color matched Rhino bedliner
Performed By: Liner by Gary's, paint by Felix Lucio Jr. and Gerardo Vargas of Trenzition Paint & Body

Seats: Custom front buckets, shortened rear bench wrapped in ultra leather and synthetic material from the Larry Dennis Company, Phipps billet insert fobs
Gauges: Green LED inserts in cluster
Misc.: Suede headliner
Performed By: Julio Tornero of Interior By Design

Head Unit: Pioneer AVIC-D3
Mids & Highs: Polk Audio MM6501
Subwoofers: Polk Audio MM1040
Amplifiers: Polk Audio PA-D5000.5
Misc.: Custom sub enclosure
Performed By: Dotlow Rides

Engine: Stock
Supercharger/Turbo: I wish
Intake: K&N FIPK
Header/Exhaust: Flowmaster 40-series muffler
Transmission: Corvette Servo
Rearend Type: Narrowed stock axle
Detail Work: Optima Yellow Top battery
Misc.: 12-gallon aluminum fuel cell
Performed By: Dotlow Rides

Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to my wife Jennifer for being supportive and understanding, my family and friends, my sponsors, without them this wouldn't have happened. Huge thanks to Dan with Dotlow Rides for even starting on the build, thanks to Steven 'Doosh' Dashney, Mark Knap, Anthony Carri, Chad Moss, Will Parker, Abe Solis, Shawn Robinson, Jonathan Robinson, Josh Robinson, Benny Botello, Chris 'Porkchop' Wallace, George Rodriguez with The Setup, and Reflection Auto Detailing, also thanks to all my boys from Damage Inc. and Aftermath for the motivation and support throughout the build."


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