While many of our featured artists tell us that they knew from an early age that automotive design was their passion, this was not necessarily the case for Colter O'Dell. Growing up in Kansas, he didn't have much exposure to vehicle renderings or the influence they had on projects. However, he soon realized the importance of renderings after walking through shows full of builds that lacked direction or a unified theme. "Looking back, it's hard to believe I didn't make the connection sooner," he writes. With this in mind, he attended a local technical college, got a degree in graphic design, and developed a growing interest in designing custom vehicles. Since then, he has worked to develop his own art style, and has continually gained inspiration from his brother, who he describes as "a certified grease monkey." When Colter isn't designing trucks or working in the shop alongside his brother, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, shooting, hunting, writing, and exploring other outlets for his art. To see more of Colter's work or commission a rendering of your own project, visit www.odellstudios.com.