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1989 Nissan Navara Hardbody - Rough Ridin'

The Cure For Common Boredom

Richard Cabeza
Aug 21, 2013
Photographers: Brian Goude
Boredom. That's really what's to blame for the overall extent of the modifications to this streamlined, Kiwi cruiser. Its owner, Mr. Mikey Bradley, purchased the ex-work truck for 1,000 New Zealand dollars (equivalent to $800 U.S. greenbacks). It was his first automotive purchase, and was only meant to serve as a mode of daily transportation. Surprisingly, the Nissan remained completely unmolested (aside from getting sprayed matte black) for a while—longer than expected anyway.
But once Mikey started messing around with it, that's when the situation went mad. "I wondered what the truck would look like lowered. So, I lowered it. I liked it, so I painted it—four times actually. I then took it back to bare metal and painted it once more, which ended up being the last, at least for now," Mikey tells us. "I got bored with it, as you do and really wanted to move up to 'bags. People kept telling me that I couldn't do it, so I just did it." So off to the garage he went with a dream in his head, tools in his hand, and a half-baked plan in mind. After a few weeks on the job, Mikey had an epiphany, which he was kind enough to want to share with the world, "The only plan I can suggest is plan for nothing to go to plan."
"Whatever the grinder hit got dealt with."
After two years into the project, Mikey was still just working on a whim, going anywhere the truck decided the take him. "I first 'bagged the rear, then the front, got the interior done … I don't know why I did things in that order. Whatever the grinder hit got dealt with. Seeing the truck touch the ground for the first time and watching the wheels go under the guard felt like Christmas."
Even though the results turned out choice, there are still a few details Mikey regrets not properly addressing. "I want to bodydrop it, work more on the engine, smooth the firewall, narrow the frame, figure out a cantilever setup, add 20-inch billets, blah, blah." By the time this issue comes out, we figure that another storm of boredom will have touched down, resulting in a few of those items being checked off the to-do list. Hope you don't mind bumming rides from your mates for another couple years, Mikey!
The Lowdown
1989 Nissan Navara (Hardbody)
Mikey Bradley • Porirua, Wellington, New Zealand • Rangi Kustomz
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18x8.5
Tires: 225/40R18
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Slam Specialties SS6 'bags
Suspension (rear): Slam Specialties SS8 'bags, triangulated four-link, bag over axle setup
Control Arms: Modified top arms, notched bottom arms
Shocks: 4x4 shocks in front, B2000 shocks in rear
Compressor(s): Sanden EDC
Air/Hydro Accessories: Two 3-gallon tanks, one 5-gallon tank, SMC water trap, GC Xtreme ½-inch valves, ½-inch braided line from compressor, ½-inch hardline
Frame Mods: Full rear clip from cab back, new crossmembers, notched engine crossmember
Brakes: OE
Misc.: Shortened diff, custom fuel cell, Optima battery in rear
Performed By: Owner
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, window squirters, cowl panel, side indicators, fuel cap, taillights, handmade one-piece rear skin
Bodydrop: On its way
Body Mods: Stripped down to bare metal, new roof skin, top sides of tray rolled, flipped, and switched side to side and re-welded, rolled and flared front guards, rolled rear guards, Cadillac tail lights, frenched rear number plate, smoothed inner wheel arch rear, smoothed and tubbed engine bay, tubbed firewall, new smooth tray floor and sides, smoothed one piece front bumper
Bolt-ons: Billet mirrors
Misc.: Electric door poppers
Performed By: Owner
Brand & Colors: DuPont custom gold
Misc.: Chassis painted black with gold pearl, link arms, diff, and interior painted same gold as body
Performed By: Owner
Seats: Re-shaped bench seat, re-trimmed with black with gold stitching
Dash: Smoothed and two-toned, top black with gold pearl, bottom custom gold
Gauges: Viair black face gauges
Misc.: Custom and re-trimmed door panels, re-trimmed headlining, electric windows
Performed By: Owner and Upholstery Nick
Head Unit: Pioneer Bluetooth head unit
Mids & Highs: Soundstream 6-inch in doors, Soundstream tweeters mounted in rear
Subwoofers: Soundstream 8-inch
Amplifiers: Soundstream slim line
Misc.: Bass controller
Performed By: Owner
Engine: 2.3L diesel
Intake: Aftermarket chrome air filter
Header/Exhaust: Cut and raised manifold, custom exhaust to clear ground, heat wrapped and coated hi-temp silver
Transmission: Five-speed column change
Rearend Type: Shortened rear diff
Detail Work: Polished rocker cover, exhaust cover, and polished fuel lines
Performed By: Owner



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