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2009 Toyota Hilux - Local Motion

Never Stop Moving

Brian Goude
Aug 23, 2013
Photographers: Cody Gephart
Have you ever heard the saying " Good work isn't cheap and cheap work isn't good?" Well, Matt Freeman never did but he now knows it, but he learned the hard way. Let this be a lesson to anyone reading, do your research and take your time when you're planning on giving anyone money to build your ride.
Matt started off with a stock '99 Toyota Hilux that he purchased in 2008. His plans were to simply lay the truck on its frame, so he called a few shops and was swindled into dropping it off at a shop to do the work. We have all been there, it all sounds too good to be true, and it was. Matt ended up taking legal action against the business and had to do the unthinkable—pick his truck up in pieces. Knowing he wanted to get this build done and not let the past ruin him, he called upon the boys at Down Town Kustomz to get things done right.
The guys at DTK determined the frame needed to be completely redone, so Matt decided to look into a newer body style. He gave the green light for a full rebuild while he searched for a proper body. What he found was an '09 Toyota Hilux body that would eventually be mated with an amazing chassis soon to be created.
Now that the body and chassis were introduced, it was time for a test drive on the new Raceline billets. Matt drove and debuted the Hilux at East Coast Cruise 2012 without a hitch. Once he knew that everything worked, he then got the guys at Twin Towns Panel Repair to finalize the build. They shaved everything from the roof gutters to the door handles. Once it was smooth as glass, Guy Hutchens applied the House of Kolor Brandywine paint and as you can see, it is smooth as can be.
Now that the chassis and paint were dialed in, it was time to take the inside of the Hilux to a whole new level. Stitched Up Custom Trim was called upon to fit and finish the inside of the Hilux. They left nothing untouched, as the entire dash was fiberglassed and wrapped in premium leather. The doors and seats were done to contrast the wheels with a hint of tweed. Some people love it, some people don't—we love it so that is all that matters.
Matt drove the truck from Sydney to Brisbane to just to have it shot for Mini Truckin' and GrinderTV. Rain and flooding didn't stop this epic build from getting to where it needed to go. Matt now drives this truck as a daily—just as he intended to in the beginning. You may see it at high caliber shows like MotorEX or just as he drives it to lunch during the week. Nevertheless, what started out as an idea has now turned into a dream—a daily driven dream.
The Lowdown
2009 Toyota Hilux
Matt Freeman • Sydney, NSW, Australia • Aftermath
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 22x8.5 Raceline Blast polished and powdercoated billets (front) / 22x10 (rear)
Tires: 235/30/22 Nexen (front) / 265/30/22 (rear)
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Z-notched, all custom crossmembers, front horns redone, Slam Specialties SS6 'bags
Suspension (rear): Cantilever four-link, 'bag on lower bar, Slam Specialties RE7 'bags
Control Arms: Custom full tube upper control arms and half tube lower control arms
Shocks: Ones that work
Compressor(s): Dual Viair 480C
Air Accessories: Full AccuAir management including valve block and e-Level system
Frame Mods: '99 Hilux frame used as a base, but basically a full custom frame. Flowing rear clip from the cab back, everything smoothed, all new crossmembers, integrated battery and compressor mounts into the cab/tub mounts to suit the new body, heaps more …
Performed By: Down Town Kustoms
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, roof molds, aerial, guard indicators, bonnet squirters, fuel door
Bodydrop: 1-inch channels through the cab, sills refabbed, dropped cab mounts, and got it sitting on sills
Body Mods: Rolled sheetmetal tub floor, sectioned bumper to lay without crushing, tailgate/roll pan skin with plate box, electric door poppers
Misc: Custom alloy fuel cell from BBZ
Performed By: Twin Towns Panel Repairs and Down Town Kustoms
Brand and colors: House of Kolor Brandywine
Performed By: Twin Towns Panel Repairs
Seats: Stock '09 Hilux with headrests shaved and remolded
Dash: Fully smoothed and fiberglassed and wrapped in premium hide leather
Gauges: AccuAir e-Level touchpad, Dakota Digital air pressure gauge
Misc: Tweed used to blend with the leather throughout the cab, shaved door cards, heaps of billet from vents to door handles to switches
Performed By: Stitched Up Custom Trim
Head Unit: Pioneer DVD player
Mids & Highs: 4-inch speakers under dash
Misc: I didn't want any awkward stereo stuff to be seen
Performed By: Owner
Engine: 2.7L 3RZFE
Camshaft: Standard
Intake: Stainless piping
Header/Exhaust: Headers with silver ceramic coating, 2-inch exhaust
Transmission: Five-speed manual
Misc: Needs a dirty big V-8 in there
Performed By: Down Town Kustoms
Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to Graeme and Damo from Down Town Kustoms, Guy, Patchy, Beau, and Brad from Twin Towns Panel Repairs, Isaac from BBZ, Blake for all his help, Stu from Hot Wired Custom Auto Electrical, Bryce from Geoff Steer Towing, Owen from House of Kolor, Reno from AccuAir, Nixx from Sanctiond car care, all the Australian Aftermath guys, and my family!"



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