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1999 Chevy S-10 - The Answer

Addressing The "What If's"

John Mata Jr.
Sep 23, 2013
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
Questioning one's own decisions is a built-in reflex that kicks in at the most random and annoying times. The nagging "who", "what", "where", and "why's" that conquer your thoughts during any given hour of any given day carry enough power to derail your train of thought, and disrupt any and all activities imaginable. A solid percentage of lingering questions will remain as such, and will never be acted upon with hopes of discovering a possible answer. Some people are fine with never knowing what could have been or what could be. And then there are the others—the ones who analyze the odds and probabilities associated with choosing to take risks. This personality type will be discussed here over the next few pages.
Mark Hernandez has spent nearly half of his 27 years of life infatuated with custom trucks, and at an early age, watched as his older cousin achieved one of the highest honors out there—a cover spot on a national enthusiast magazine. The title was our now defunct sister publication, Sport Truck, and it was at that precise moment when Mark decided to follow his cousin's lead. A few years passed, and he finally found himself behind the wheel of his very own truck—this truck. The year was 2003, and all Mark could think about was lowering his S-10 and maybe wiring up a sub and an amp if he could manage to scrape enough cash together.
Photo 2/12   |   1999 Chevy S 10 Door
"…if I had a better paint job or billet wheels, or with a bigger sound system, would my truck ever make it into a magazine?"
Within another couple of years, decent paychecks started rolling in, and a good percentage of the earnings were being funneled into the progress of Mark's build. Before too long, the truck was ‘bagged on new wheels, painted, and had more speakers blaring than he could've ever dreamed of. Something just wasn't right though. "I always asked myself ‘if I had a better paint job or billet wheels, or with a bigger sound system, would my truck ever make it into a magazine?'" Mark explains. "I started doing what I thought I really needed to do, and slowly, the questions stopped popping up. That's how I got the name for my truck."
The Answer, in case you were wondering, is the affectionate name Mark has given his S-10. And not only because it served as a solution to questions solely regarding the truck, but because it also became a model for life's other puzzles. "I spent a lot of time and got burned once or twice by local shops, but that all changed once I met Steve Chapman of Fab Worx. He helped get the truck to lay out on 22s as well as redo a lot of the previous suspension work. The build was moving along, and at the end of 2011, I had a minor heart attack. After a week in the hospital, I had time to think, and I decided that going harder on the truck was what I wanted and needed." Shortly after that sudden scare, K Daddyz Kustomz in Bakersfield, California cooked up a paint scheme that pulled Mark's late model Dime back into a time when loud graphics were "it". The stage was now set for what Mark had been working towards for 13 years (even though he was only aware of what his determination could amount to during the last few of them).
Photo 3/12   |   1999 Chevy S 10 3
The Lowdown
1999 Chevy S-10
Mark Hernandez • Corcoran, CA • AFTERMATH
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 22-inch Raceline Explosion 5
Tires: Falken
Chassis Modifications
Suspension Front: Slam Specialties RE-7 'bags
Suspension Rear: Fab Worx six-link, Slam Specialties 'bags
Control Arms: Choppin' Block arms
Compressor(s): Air Zenith
Air/Hydro Accessories: Parker valves
Brakes: Powdercoated calipers with cross-drilled rotors
Performed By: Steve Chapman
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, brake lights
Body Mods: Sheetmetal bed, roll pan
Bolt-ons: SS lower bumper, T-Rex grille
Performed By: K Daddyz Kustomz and Steve Chapman of Fab Worx
Brand & Colors: House of Kolor Lemon Yellow Mist with Majic Blue with ice pearls with Synergy Green, sliver mini flake with Kandy Orange fades with Purple Amethyst
Misc.: Airbrushed flying Von Dutch skulls, crazy pinstriping
Performed By: Airbrushing by Skip, pinstriping and paint by K Daddyz and Ron Beam
Seats: Stingray with leather and yellow Aftermath stitching
Dash: Painted to match
Misc.: Fiberglass door panels
Performed By: Ruben and Ryan Alvidrez at Drizz Fiberglassing
Mids & Highs: Memphis Audio
Subwoofers: Three Memphis Audio 12s
Amplifiers: Two Memphis Audio amps
Performed By: Tony Paz
Engine: Stock
Intake: Spectre
Header/Exhaust: Gibson exhaust
Detail Work: Painted plastic
Misc.: Billet caps, overflow, and hydro boost
Performed By: Fab Worx
Special Thanks From Owner
"Thanks to everyone who helped with the build, all my club members and close friends from different clubs, Mike Garza for getting me in this scene and helping me through the build, my parents for buying me the truck and letting me keep it in their garage, Jessica for putting up with me, and my daughter Aubrey. I love you!"


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