2002 Toyota Tacoma - Redtro Taco

A Trilogy In The Making

Richard Cabeza
Sep 25, 2013
Red is always a snazzy color choice for a custom vehicle. It's eye-catching. It's timeless. Chicks dig it. Probably because it reminds them of lipstick and Valentine's Day or something—who knows? Point is: it's a great hue to spray on your ride, and it photographs oh so fabulously.
Keith Bryan is the heir to this already two-time feature truck, and it's a fair assumption to say that it has never looked better. The confines of the cab have been completely revamped, and subtle graphics now decorate the outer façade and interior door panels. As far as re-dos are concerned, this Toyota has been given the deluxe treatment, and it looks good. Damn good.
Some people may ask why you'd buy an already completed show truck and spend even more money to change it up. If that were a question on Family Feud, the top three answers on the board would probably read as follows (from 1st to 3rd): "to make it your own", "poor work done by the previous owner", and "people often mistake me for the previous owner when I take the truck to shows". We surveyed Keith, and his answer didn't really fit into either of those categories. He said, "I now have my original image in front of me and not on a piece of paper." Sorry to disappoint you buddy, but looks like your truck has been inked on a piece of paper too—thousands of them, which have been distributed all across the country and internationally as well. Don't be mad, bro.
"It's eye-catching. It's timeless. Chicks dig it."
The Lowdown
2002 Toyota Tacoma
Keith Bryan • Navarre, FL • Acrophobia
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 18-inch Raceline Deceptive 5
Tires: Kuhmo
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Belltech drop spindles, Firestone 'bags
Suspension (rear): Firestone 'bags, Cando Specialties four-link
Control Arms: Choppin' Block uppers and lowers
Shocks: Belltech
Compressor(s): Dual Viar 480
Air/Hydro Accessories: AVS digital air control
Performed By: Howard Cline
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door, tailgate handle, gas door, third brake light, and antenna
Bodydrop: Four inches
Performed By: Tony Rispoli and Mike Hathaway
Brand & Colors: PPG "Slap Yo' Momma Red"
Performed By: Mike Hathaway
Seats: Red leather
Dash: Fiberglass, custom paint, and graphic
Gauges: AVS Digital
Performed By: Owner and Scotti Larravide
Head Unit: Alpine
Mids & Highs: Kicker
Subwoofers: Polk Audio
Amplifiers: JL Audio
Performed By: Owner
Engine: 2.4L four-cylinder
Header/Exhaust: Flowtech
Transmission: Five-speed
Performed By: Owner and Sal's Muffler & Brakes
Special Thanks From Owner
"I'd like to thank everyone in the scene and all of my friends that helped along the way, thanks to my wife for supporting me, thanks to Mike Hathaway, Scotti Larravide, Sal Martinez and my ACRO family for the encouragement and motivation to make my vision real."
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Toyota Tacoma

Fair Market Price
Editors' Overall Rating
Basic Specifications
MSRP: $23,660
Mileage: 19 / 23
Engine: 2.7L I4
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