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January 2014 Industrial Power - Volvo FH16 750

Where Power and Technology Collide

Dec 6, 2013
Photographers: Courtesy Of Volvo
In 1987, a new superstar would emerge in the world of trucking. The Volvo F16 greeted the world and was a robust workhorse from the start, becoming an immediate success. At its core was a new 16.1L inline-six diesel engine, which provided a level of performance no other manufacturer could match. As time marched on and payloads continued to increase, Volvo continuously improved upon the D16 engine and F-series trucks, in an effort to remain one step ahead of the competition. In keeping with tradition, Volvo has now introduced the most powerful version of this platform to date: the FH16 750.
Volvo’s philosophy has always been to create the most efficient and capable driveline possible, and it is this way of thinking that has allowed Volvo to push the D16G engine to an astonishing 750 hp without compromising durability. The 16.1L engine utilizes a single, fixed-geometry turbocharger; extra-large charge air cooler; and high-pressure unit injectors. Meeting the stringent EU5EEV emissions requirements, the D16G is fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), a diesel particulate filter (DPF), and selective catalytic reduction (SCR). Routine maintenance is made simple with a recommended 100,000-kilometer oil change interval.
Photo 2/4   |   The D16G750 is a very powerful 16.1L inline-six engine. Equipped with high-pressure unit injectors, a single turbocharger, and large intercooler, the engine produces 750 hp and more than 2,600 lb-ft of torque, while meeting EU5EEV emissions standards.
Mated to the D16G is the I-Shift AT03512D 12-speed automated-manual transmission. This unit is an electronically controlled splitter and range-change transmission with overdrive and is designed to function automatically while also allowing drivers to manually select and hold gears. The I-Shift transmission uses its built-in intelligence to quickly choose the right gear for all conditions. Drivers can also tailor their transmission’s performance to their needs through the use of add-on software packages designed for fuel economy, distribution and construction, or heavy-duty hauling use. At its core, the I-Shift transmission is nothing more than an old-school, unsynchronized manual gearbox, with the shifting and clutch action being handled by an intelligent pneumatic system.
Up Top
Inside the FH16 cab we find accouterments more fitting of a luxury sedan than a working vehicle. Because no single truck fits all needs, the Volvo FH series has a flexible chassis layout that encompasses three different cabs and a multitude of axle configurations. Interior options include suspension seats, tilt steering, a wider bed, skylight, 19-inch flat-screen TV, fresh water tanks, a fridge-freezer, and much more. Technologically speaking, the FH16 can be optioned with the same blindspot warning system now found on passenger cars and can support up to four external cameras, and there is an adaptive cruise control option available. Trucks are also equipped with Volvo’s Electronic Stability Program (ESP), which works to reduce the risks of jackknifing or worse by employing a brake-based traction control system. An in-dash information system keeps drivers aware of engine and transmission performance and provides load indicators, error messages, driver alert support, and driver feedback. These just barely scratch the surface, as options available for outfitting the FH16 are nearly limitless.
Photo 3/4   |   Drivers are treated to myriad electronic wizardry, including GPS, a vehicle information center, automated transmission controls, and an electronically controlled suspension complete with a wireless remote.
Volvo FH16 750
Engine: D16G750
Displacement: 16.1L
Configuration: Inline six-cylinder
Compression Ratio: 16.8:1
Horsepower: 750 hp
Torque: 2,618 lb-ft
Engine Dry Weight: 2,921 pounds
Oil Filters: Two full-flow, one bypass
Oil Capacity: 42 liters (11.1 gallons)
Emissions: EGR, DPF, SCR
Transmission: I-Shift AT03512D 12-speed automated-manual
Maximum GVWR: 100 metric tons
Fuel Capacity: 1,480 liters (390.9 gallons)
DEF Capacity: 90 liters (23.7 gallons)
Photo 4/4   |   When properly outfitted, as this tandem-axle Globetrotter model is, the FH16 750 is capable of achieving a gross combined weight rating of 100 metric tons, or more than 220,000 pounds.


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