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1998 Toyota Tacoma - Hips Don't Lie

Wider Is Better

Justin Wynn
Jan 6, 2014
Photographers: John Mata Jr.
The daily driven mini—it’s a wonderful achievement, isn’t it? How many of us have bought ourselves a new truck with the thought of just ’bagging or lowering it? But it never seems to stop there. Soon enough, we go to a show or see that one truck that inspires us, sending us back into the garage to stare at what we think is now no longer adequate compared to our competition. With the quick cut of a grinder or a sawzall, we step back to look at our accomplishment only to realize that there is no going back. All of that hard work by the factory to ensure proper handling and safety has been left on the floor, holding down the earth as we now ponder, “what the hell did I just do?”
"Jordan’s wife began to nag him about finishing it."
Like most of us, Jordan’s Jackson’s love affair with minis started at the tender age of 13—way before he could even legally get behind the wheel. Having been inspired by his brother’s slammed fullsize, Jordan received his first mini from his parents at 16—a Chevy Blazer. After the usual lowered stance, wheels, tweed interior, and so on, Jordan cruised the Blazer for a while until he laid eyes on this ’98 Tacoma. Having fallen in love, Jordan sold the Blazer and had his new ride lowered again, content to drive it around as his new daily. And by content, I mean he was already cutting on it after a couple of weeks to ’bag it the first time around. Once the wheels arrived, it he realized the fenders and bed didn’t quite agree with Jordan’s choice in wheel size, especially after the bodydrop. Turning to Carlos at Martinez Custom Painting, the two came up with the idea of molding two front fenders into one effectively widening the entire look of the truck.
After driving it around for another year like this, Jordan decided to tackle the bed. After widening the bed eight inches at the wheels, then narrowing the rear section of the bed by six inches, Jordan decided to just shave the entire truck while he was at it. With the bodywork completed for now, the front suspension just didn’t seem up to par so he had the guys at the Choppin’ Block completely redo the front suspension. Content with the truck once again, Jordan was driving the truck around his hometown of Easton, California when he had yet another defining moment for the Tacoma—a run-in with the local sheriff. After one look at his truck, the sheriff thankfully explained to Jordan “that he didn’t have enough paper in his ticket book to write him up,” forcing Jordan to park the truck back in garage.
Photo 2/9   |   Bagged 1998 Toyota Tacoma Front Shot
With the rainforest saved and his mandatory downtime, Jordan took a hard look at the suspension again. Since the truck was already parked, and the rear setup pissing him off, the decision was made to back half the truck. With a cut of the grinder, Jordan found himself with a shiny new paperweight to hold down the corner of his garage. Using his connections at work, Jordan machined himself some custom pieces for the rear, including the rear removable bridge. Once the entire rear suspension was powdercoated, he finally put the truck in some paint. Going back to Carlos at Martinez Custom Painting, the front end was updated with ’09 Chevy Tahoe headlights and a narrowed ’01 GMC truck bumper. With the body massaged and smoothed, the truck was then sprayed with Hot Rod Flatz satin black and House of Kolor candy blue with silver and black base coats.
Now that the truck looked great on the outside and underneath, Jordan’s wife began to nag him about finishing it. Now, before we continue with this story, let’s just all sit back and think about the fact that his wife nagged him about finishing the truck, not about spending too much time with it or spending too much money on it, but actually encouraging this man to do more of both. Anyways, after his perfect wife nagged him into finishing the truck, Jordan smoothed most of the interior pieces himself and then sent them to CalFast Interiors to have them wrapped in black Soft-Touch vinyl.
After some paint and polish in the engine department, Jordan called it done and you see the fruits of his labor in front. With many years and stages to this build, Jordan is thankful for his wife being there to see his dreams come true. From daily driver to show winner, Jordan’s determination paid off in the end.
Photo 3/9   |   Bagged 1998 Toyota Tacoma Rear Three Quarter
The Lowdown
1998 Toyota Tacoma
Jordan Jackson • Easton, CA • Freaks of Nature
Rolling Attire
Wheels: 22 X 8½-inch 2 Crave No.25
Tires: 245/30R22 Ventus
Chassis Modifications
Suspension (front): Slam Specialties RE-7 ’bags, one-off steering arms with Heim joints
Suspension (rear): Slam Specialties RE-8 ’bags, wishbone rear link, removable bridge
Control Arms: Choppin’ Block
Shocks: Aluminum Pro Shocks on the links
Compressor(s): Dual Viair 444s
Frame Mods: Upper front control arm mounts rebuilt, rear step notch
Brakes: Stock front brakes, rear ’01 Lexus IS 300 rear brake rotors and calipers
Misc.: All suspension parts powdercoated candy blue, gloss black, and flat black
Performed By: Owner, Choppin’ Block, Fat Nick, Jacob Jackson, and Danny
Body Modifications
Shaved: Door handles, mirrors, gas door, taillights
Bodydrop: 3 inches
Body Mods: Front fenders widened with two 2WD fenders on each side, smoothed front bodyline, ’09 Chevy Tahoe headlights, narrowed ’01 GMC truck bumper, top bumper cap narrowed and re worked for curves of bumper to line up with headlights, stock rear bedsides used and widened 8 inches total at rear wheels, and narrowed 6 inches total at the back of the bed
Bolt-ons: One-off grille
Misc.: 16-gauge filler plates molded into fender well rockers
Performed By: Owner, Jacob, Carlos Martinez / Martinez Custom Painting
Brand & Colors: House of Kolor Candy Blue, silver base coat, black base, Hot Rod Flatz urethane black
Misc.: Black, white, and blue pinstriping
Performed By: Carlos Martinez / Martinez Custom Painting
Seats: Wrapped in black soft touch vinyl, perforated black soft touch vinyl, with blue and white stitching in console, rear sub cover behind seats, paint scheme stitched into flat door panels
Dash: Smoothed
Misc.: Colorado Customs Mini Truckin’ billet wheel, B&M billet ratchet shifter, billet window cranks and door handles, headliner wrapped in dark grey suede, upper interior plastics smoothed and painted gloss black
Performed By: Owner, Cal Fast interiors
Head Unit: Kenwood
Mids & Highs: Four Rockford Fosgate 6¾-inch coaxial
Subwoofers: Two Rockford Fosgate P1 10-inch
Amplifiers: Kicker 300.1, Alpine 300.4
Misc.: Mid and highs in fiberglass enclosures painted gloss black
Performed By: Adam Leibold, Fukynadam
Engine: 2.4L
Intake: 2½-inch tube
Header/exhaust: LC Engineering header, shortened and wrapped
Transmission: Automatic
Detail Work: Sanded and polished intake manifold, air intake parts, and valve cover powder coated gloss black
Performed By: Owner
Special Thanks From Owner
“I’d like to thank my wife for putting up with me and pushing me toward the end of the build, my family for the support, Jake for the help, Adam Leibold for the stereo work, Carlos for making my dream a reality, Todd for all the times I’ve used his shop, to my Freaks Chapter for helping push the limits when it comes to building minitrucks, and to my Freaks family—Freaks!”



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