1986 Mazda B2000 - All In

Cashing In On A Sure Thing

John Mata
Jun 16, 2014
Photographers: John Mata
There’s an old saying, “If it’s too loud, you’re too old,” but nobody’s ever said anything about being too low at any age. Who’s to say how old someone has to be before they should quit doing what they’ve been doing happily for so long? Jamie Narum, owner of this 1986 Mazda B2000, is the first to admit he could be classified as one of the old guys in any random circle of mini-truckers. At age 41, maybe he should be working on something more age appropriate, like restoring an old Mustang -- or maybe start diving into his hot rod years. What’s a good guy like Jamie still doing messing around with trucks fit for punk kids anyway?
Without invading Jamie’s personal space too much, let’s start by asking him a few simple questions. When grilled about how long he’s been feeding this habit of hacking up mini trucks, he replied, “Since 2007. I met a guy named Dale Hill who stopped by my shop after he saw one of my other mini-trucks parked outside. He was about my age, and we both wanted to get into the mini scene. We started hanging out with a few other guys into the same trucks as us, and we started heading to shows and meeting more guys like us. It’s grown to be a big part of my life, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have a supportive family who has backed me the entire time.” There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this picture so far.
Photo 2/8   |   1986 Mazda B2200 Rear Three Quarter
With the Mazda B2000 being the first of Jamie’s resume of truck projects to evolve into a legitimate show truck, there must’ve been substantial monetary sacrifices along the way, right? “Well, things always take longer than you think they will,” he says, “and when the wife asks how much it’s gonna cost, redirect her attention to the amount of shoes she owns.” Spoken like a true veteran of the game. And what about missing out on quality family time? “My kids enjoyed hanging out at the shop ‘helping’ take parts off the truck. My middle son’s first drawings were of trucks. Building these things has been a positive influence on the next generation.” It sounds like Jamie’s niche of automotive enthusiasm has treated those who are most dear to him pretty good so far.
In the end, everybody has their own flow -- their own way of doing things. Their own way of living life how they see fit. But without sounding too much like an afterschool public service announcement, we’ll let Jamie close out his story in his own words: “It’s never too late, and you’re never too old to start on something you love to do.” Yeah, what he said.
Photo 6/8   |   1986 Mazda B2200 In Motion Front Three Quarter
Photo 7/8   |   1986 Mazda B2200 Interior

1986 Mazda B2000
Owner:Jamie Narum
City/State: Casselton, North Dakota
Type: 2.0L
Induction: Weber 32/26 carb with chrome air cleaner
Exhaust: Flowmaster
Built By: Owner and Shawn Haakenson
Transmission: Five-speed
Rearend: ’87 Toyota pickup
Front Suspension: Slam Specialties SS-6 ’bags, ’92 Toyota hubs and rotors, modified stock upper arms, triangulated lower arms
Rear Suspension: Slam Specialties SS-7 ’bags on four-link bars, Viair 380 compressors, Accuair E-level system, 2x3 backhalf
Brakes: ’92 Toyota discs (front), ’85 Mustang SVO rotors with ’78 Monte Carlo calipers (rear)
Wheels: 20x8.5-inch Privat Atlantik
Tires: 225/30/20 Hankook
Photo 8/8   |   1986 Mazda B2200 001



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