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A New Chapter - Inside Perspective Editorial

Mike McGlothlin
Jun 17, 2014
I never thought the day would come when the first editorial in Diesel Power was mine. Just as we wrapped up last month’s issue, I was given an offer I couldn’t refuse and went from being a simple Feature Editor to Editor-in-Chief overnight. So basically, I was promoted from my dream job to my dream job. But instead of making this about my new high and mighty title at the World’s Largest Diesel Magazine, let’s talk diesel.
Shortly after becoming Editor-in-Chief, I got to thinking about all the things that have made Diesel Power so great up to this point. After a long brainstorming session, I came up with the following. While I hold the gavel, I’ll be doing my best to take Diesel Power back to its roots: feature articles chock-full of raw horsepower and torque, cutting-edge tech pieces that offer invaluable information to our readers, and top-notch event coverage. This type of approach helped prop newsstand sales and subscriptions up during The Great Recession, so it must be a good business model.
Clean Diesel I would be doing you a disservice if I told you we weren’t going to cover emissions-friendly tuners and exhaust systems going forward. The reasoning for this is simple: The state of the industry has changed since Diesel Power debuted on the newsstands 8 years ago. You can’t deny the fact that the future of diesel relies on leaving emissions devices alone on the newer trucks, so I’ll make a deal with you… Our coverage will be twofold: We’ll continue to showcase the hot-rod diesel era (pre-emissions trucks) as well as the modern, clean diesel segment. Why the split? For starters, the pre-emissions realm is my forte (and will always be), but if we want to stay on top of the industry, we’ll have to devote time to the future of diesel -- and where it’s ultimately headed. Two years ago, enthusiasts weren’t interested in DPF-friendly modifications, but now that kind of thinking is changing (check out page 135 and you’ll see what I mean).
Pre-DPF Rest easy 5.9L, early Duramax, and Power Stroke fans; the majority of the magazine will still be biased toward you. The do-everything nature of a modified diesel is what made this magazine great, and I’ll never take that away. Make no mistake about it, adding horsepower is still what diesel power is all about. If I could test parts and dyno trucks on a daily basis, I would live at the dyno -- so expect to see more before and after articles showcasing horsepower gains (or losses).
Diesel Motorsports Seven years ago, you would’ve found me surfing YouTube looking for videos of diesel trucks beating Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes through the traps. Now I’m one of the guys in the driver seat -- and there is no better feeling. So expect us to keep showing you how to make your truck more powerful (and faster) than anything else on the road, including sports cars.
I also know how addicting sled pulling can be (whether you’re participating or spectating), which is reason enough to keep spotlighting the nation’s top truck pulls going forward. Last but not least -- and because they’re some of the most popular affairs you’ll find in the diesel industry -- don’t be surprised to see us cover dyno events on a regular basis. When it comes to dyno competitions, I’m a big proponent of not only showcasing the trucks that made the most power but also providing you a parts list that details how they got to that point. As a result, you’ll walk away with a real-world, dyno-proven horsepower recipe you can duplicate with your own truck.
Newbies And Veterans We’ve always welcomed first-time diesel owners, novices, and curious outsiders to Diesel Power, and going forward will be no different. The Basic Training section of the magazine was created specifically for those of you who are fresh to the diesel realm, and we frequently answer questions submitted by non-wrenching newbies all the way up to long-time diesel mechanics in our Top Tech section.
In summation, we’ll continue to do what Diesel Power has done for nearly a decade: cover all things diesel. I’ve made this magazine my life since 2008, and it’s always been my mission to write the best articles I can, take first-rate photos, and empower you with information you can only find here in these pages. An enthusiast myself, I still remember my first programmer, set of injectors, built transmission, and turbo upgrade. The rush that comes with modifying a diesel is something that can’t be explained with words, and it always has me thirsty for more. I hope you’re still as hungry as I am, and I hope you enjoy reading the magazine as much as I enjoy putting it together.



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