Is Mini Truckin’ Dead?

Johnny O
Sep 1, 2014
These last few years have been pretty odd in the publishing world, especially for guys like Mike Alexander and I who cut our editorial teeth on truck mags like Mini Truckin' and Sport Truck. The odd part? Unfortunately, those titles are gone now. So the question begs, is Mini Truckin' dead?
Have you seen the quality of trucks being produced by mini-truckers across the globe like Pascal Barone's Ford Ranger (USA) or the insanely detailed trucks like Revolver in Japan? Not to mention the radical custom mini-trucks from Down Under that are in full swing with engine swaps galore. There is a worldwide love for mini-trucks that is, literally, peaking at a top level right now. Mike and I have traveled the world over in search of the next killer mini build, and we've seen firsthand how alive the mini-truckin' community is, and we promise to bring that to you here in these pages. So, where do we sit now?
Mini Truckin' now exists as this section of Truckin magazine, but now, you'll have real enthusiasts at the helm creating fresh and unique content. Mini Truckin' is not dead, and we're going to use this forum, as well as occasional features in the Radical Renderings and Busted Knuckles sections to show you what's really happening out there—the trucks, shows, and builds you actually want to see. For now, we only get a handful of pages a month, so trust us when we say this, step your game up and we'll be there to capture it. And a little more good news, all of our old work from Mini Truckin' still lives on the interwebs at!
For those who haven't heard the names Johnny O or Mike Alexander, let me take this quick opportunity to formally introduce ourselves. Mike is the former Editor of Mini Truckin' magazine for several years, a lifelong custom enthusiast, and one of the most innovative guys I've ever known when it comes to pushing the limits of project builds or anything for that matter (whether he actually finishes them is another story). I'm Johnny O, the former Feature Editor of Sport Truck magazine, mostly known for my camera work and my ability to empty an ice chest. When Jeremy Cook approached the two of us to help step up the game in this new section of Truckin, we agreed because we both know the passion that Jeremy has for trucks as well. Besides, it's not like we're completely buried with our own ventures! No big deal, just another thing to keep us from actually getting sleep. Keep your eyes peeled, you're going to like what you see.
Photo 2/24   |   1996 Toyota Hilux Rear
Photo 12/24   |   Jason Ballards 1994 S 10 Cover
Photo 19/24   |   2014 Southeast Mini Truckin Nationals Chevrolet S 10 Rear



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