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2000 Ford F-350 - The Ultimate Fummins

Adam Sprague’s 760hp Beast

Jason Sands
Nov 5, 2014
Photographers: Jason Sands
Perhaps one of the most sought-after diesel combinations is a Cummins engine in a Ford truck, or “Fummins” as many call it. Since this combination could never be had from the factory (at least in a pickup), many diesel enthusiasts have built their own, out of old, 7.3L-powered, square-body trucks; newer Super Duty rigs; or, most famously, re-powered 2003 to 2007 6.0L-powered trucks. In the case of this 2000 Ford, Adam Sprague picked it up as a deal from Northern California puller and all-around Ford guy Brian Kinney. Brian already had the paint and bodywork done, but the 7.3L powerplant proved to be less than reliable at high power levels and had blown up. For Adam, that meant he had found the perfect combination for his project: a clean Ford truck that needed an engine.
Since Adam isn’t one to go halfway on building anything, the engine powering his Ford is rather overbuilt for its current power level but, as Adam puts it: “I only wanted to do this once.” For a fresh start, Adam sourced a block and got to work. The engine was completely rebuilt with a girdle, ARP main studs and rod bolts, and pistons from Industrial Injection. The top end of the engine got the treatment as well, with a Hamilton Cams 188/220 camshaft, 110-pound springs, and an O-ringed head with a set of ARP 625 head studs. An ATI damper to soften crank harmonics and a custom front cover rounded out the engine combination.
Photo 2/15   |   2000 Ford F 350 Front Three Quarter
For power-producing parts, Adam concentrated on anything and everything that would help him tow ridiculously heavy (20,000-plus-pound) weights. Toward this end, Adam settled on compound turbos, a high-flowing injection pump with small injectors, and dual intercoolers. The P7100 pump for the 12-valve was built by Northeast Diesel and benched with 4,000-rpm governor springs, fully cut delivery valves, and large injectors (it flowed 630 cc of fuel).
“Both the front and rear axles and suspensions were made to handle the rigors of sled pulling. As such, Adam acknowledges they’re overkill for his towing application.”
The airflow setup consists of equally impressive parts. First, an S480 turbo with a race cover draws air in and then sends it through a Frozen Boost air-to-water intercooler, which takes heat out of the charge and moves it along to a 62mm S300-based turbo. That turbo compresses the air yet again, sends it through a Hypermax intercooler, and into the engine. Adam reports that this combination has made 760 hp on a chassis dyno.But, that’s not the whole story. For towing, Adam swaps to smaller injectors and stock delivery valves, which drop him to “only” about 550 to 600 hp, but the engine burns much cleaner. In tow mode, the truck still makes 70 psi at full tilt and Adam can tow at 55 psi without EGT ever exceeding 1,250 degrees.
Photo 6/15   |   2000 Ford F 350 Hood
The rest of Adam’s truck is just as bulletproof as the engine. The transmission was completely rebuilt by Nor-Cal Transmission out of Santa Rosa, California, with billet input, output, and intermediate shafts, and a custom flexplate. A PCS 1000 transmission controller was also incorporated, as well as a stand-alone computer that handles the shift points as the big Cummins ramps up the power.
Both the front and rear axles and suspensions were made to handle the rigors of sled pulling. As such, Adam acknowledges they’re overkill for his towing application. While the front suspension is a unique Z-Link design, the rear is traditional leaf spring, and both front and rear incorporate Firestone air springs for ultimate support when towing heavy weights. The front Dana 60 has also been built to the hilt, with 4.30 gears and a spool, which necessitated a ramassist steering setup from Redneck Ram. The rear Dana 80 has similar upgrades, with a Detroit locker providing four-tire traction in the rear.
While many people question the purpose of a Cummins swap in a Ford, we’d say Adam’s F-350 illustrates the point perfectly. With a stout frame combined with an overbuilt engine and drivetrain, Adam’s Fummins combines arguably the best of everything into a setup that can pull, dyno, tow, or race whenever the need arises. While there are other purpose-built trucks that are faster or make more power, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more potent and wellrounded combination than that of Adam’s unique Ford.

2000 Ford F-350
OWNER: Adam Sprague
HOMETOWN: Sonoma, California
ODOMETER: 110,000 miles
ENGINE: 5.9L Cummins I-6, ARP main studs and rod bolts, Industrial Injection pistons, Hamilton Cams 188/220 camshaft and 110-pound springs, ARP 625 head studs
FUEL: Northeast Diesel P7100 pump, Dynomite Diesel 3 (street) or 4 (race) injectors, Twin Walbro 392 lift pumps
AIR: 62/80mm compound turbos, Frozen Boost air-to-water intercooler, Hypermax air-to-air intercooler, AFE intake, MBRP exhaust system
TRANSMISSION: Nor-Cal Transmission - built 4R100 with billet shafts (input, intermediate, and output), PCS controller, adapters from FordCummins.com
TORQUE: 1,600 lb-ft (est.)
TIRES: 285/75R16 Cooper Discoverer S/T (6)
WHEELS: 16x7 Eagle Alloy
SUSPENSION: Custom Z-link (front) with Firestone air springs, leaf spring (rear) with Firestone springs and traction bars
AXLES: Dana 80 (rear) with 4.30 gears and a Detroit Locker, Dana 60 (front) with 4.30 gears and a spool
FUN FACT: Adam’s truck isn’t the only thing that makes power. He also has a Nova that runs mid-9-second quartermiles at more than 140 mph.



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