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2007 Chevrolet Silverado - Golden Pearl

A Modern Machine with Classic Muscle Cues

Sep 12, 2014
Photographers: Jeremy Cook
Everybody who has ever built a truck or read Truckin knows that there are only a few ways that trucks get built to the point of being a feature vehicle. We’re not talking about the style of the build, we’re talking about the process. There’s the balls-out, don’t rest until it’s done approach, as witnessed by the many trucks that debut at the annual SEMA show. There’s the ones that are torn apart, partially built, then relegated to purgatory for many moons until miraculously appearing at a show somewhere. And finally there are those trucks whose owners build the truck one mod at a time, take their time, and continue to enjoy their truck throughout the course of the build. Somehow, in the case of Jeremy Cook’s ’07 Silverado, it was a little of all three.
When Jeremy picked up his new Chevy, the plans to modify it were pretty simple: some lowering, some nice rollers, some paint matching, and some engine mods were all it would take to make this truck a nice daily driver. And for a while, that’s how things went. Jeremy got a whole 4,000 miles out of it during that time, and that was the end of the “build it while you enjoy it” portion of the build. But it wasn’t long before that infamous SEMA bug hit and things took a hard turn.
Photo 2/13   |   2007 Chevrolet Silverado Rear View
It was decided that a ’bagged and painted version of the truck was the plan for SEMA—one that actually performed as good as it looked and took cues from the heyday of muscle cars, all while laying frame. With just over two months to get it done, the truck was pointed up north to Totally Polished for a haircut and a shave. Owner Chris Daley and Jeremy stripped the truck down until it was only a cab and doors, engine, and transmission left attached to the frame. A large assortment of aftermarket parts and one-off TP mods were used to bring the frame down flat on the ground. They had noticed that the front and tranny crossmembers hang down past the frame on these trucks and set out to remedy the situation. Daley cut, raised, and reinforced the front crossmember, and a KP Components tranny crossmember did the trick farther back. Modified DJM arms were used, along with McGaughy’s spindles and KP bag cups with Slam Specialties bags up front while a KP six-link kit and step notch took care of everything out back. Before final assembly, the entire frame was stripped and body worked before being painted gloss black by Jeremy and Daley while every suspension component was powdercoated black or silver by Specialized Coatings. Six-piston Baer brakes were bolted to the hubs and narrowed and smoothed rear axle, and Alston Vari-Shocks, 22-inch Bonspeeds, and 40-series General Grabber UHPs finished off each corner. The truck was built for 24s, but Jeremy ultimately wanted to keep a meaty tire on the truck to complete the muscle car theme that was about to go down.
Continuing the build at Totally Polished, Daley added to the smoothness of the back end by hand-forming the steel bed corners to blend with the Sir Michael’s smooth tailgate skin and roll pan. Daley also tubbed and smoothed the inner bed using a kit from AVS and built the inner front fenders from scratch. Finally, A ’68 Camaro SS hood was cut up and sectioned into the center of the stock ’07 hood.
With the bodywork complete, and SEMA a week away, the interior components from LB Threadz were complete and the truck was rolled into a rented paint booth for an all-night thrash. Unfortunately, the shop had just installed a new, untested compressor that proved to be a dead end for the road to SEMA, as well as the thrash until it’s done portion of this story.
Photo 6/13   |   2007 Chevrolet Silverado Interior
A three-week break turned into about eight months before Jeremy became motivated to complete the truck, which had been sitting at a friend’s shop the whole time. Jerry Sievers of Paint N Place offered to help Jeremy finish the paint, and soon it was in their booth getting the royal treatment. A base of Auto Air Colors Fine Silver Metallic was topped with their Pearlized Gold topcoat, before Simon laid down the stylized SS stripes in brushed metallic silver. There was debate about how that look was going to be achieved, but the night before the graphics were sprayed, Chip Foose achieved the exact look Jeremy wanted on a TV project by dragging Scotch-Brite over the wet paint, so they followed suit! Finally, red pinstripes were laid down by Jeff Styles, and the truck was cleared, cut, and buffed.
With another SEMA deadline looming, the truck’s final stop was to LB Theadz for final assembly as well as a few final additions. There, the crew sprayed the Line-X on both the top and bottom side of the bed floor, and the completely smooth Gaylord’s lid was reinstalled. Smoothed and painted mirrors and bumper plastic were bolted back up along with brushed and cleared door handles, billet grille, and Bow Tie to match the wheel centers and hood stripes. Finally, the ’68 SS egg crates were bolted to the hood and ’68 Camaro park lights were recessed into the lower bumper to act as foglights.
The muscle theme was continued under the hood as well, starting by spraying the engine compartment satin black. A Magnuson supercharger was added onto the 4.8L, along with a set of ceramic-coated Gibson headers. Intake was handled by a CGS/Magnuson hybrid, built to fit the new inner fenders, and a one-off stainless CGS exhaust was built to complete the package. Final tuning was handled at Magnuson, where the truck put an impressive 400 hp to the rear wheels!
Finally it was time to address the interior of the standard cab, with little time to spare before hitting the road to Vegas. Mike Sutton from LB Threadz had already completed the killer seats, stocks made to mimic the looks of the ’68 Camaro deluxe, in the original black vinyl. From there he smoothed the stock headliner and wrapped it in perforated black vinyl to simulate the original snakebite material (that is impossible to stretch or wrap). The cab wall was even shaved and wrapped, and an original black loop carpet kit was sewn up for the floor. The dash and any remaining pieces were wrapped or dyed black to complete the ’60s bare-bones muscle car look, but a walnut and brushed GT steering wheel was added to drive the point home. The stock AM/FM stereo was even retained for the bare-bones look, although it was upgraded with external outputs and Rockford Fosgate components. The only modern touches added were the AVS bag switches and brushed gauge face. With no time to spare the completed truck made the trek to Vegas, where it had a successful week of being ogled over by thousands of attendees.
After a casual build, an insane thrash, a ton of downtime, and a final completion, this Silverado was finally back on the road, laying the frame on it in fact! Jeremy wants to thank his friends and family for the help and encouragement during the build, especially his dad, for letting Jeremy drive his ’68 Camaro when his Blazer was down back in high school. “Something must have stuck with me; it’s all I think of when someone says ‘muscle car.’”
Photo 10/13   |   2007 Chevrolet Silverado Under

Inside the Build
Year/Make/Model: 2007 Chevy Silverado
Owner and City/State: Jeremy Cook, Long Beach, CA
Type: 4.8L, Magnuson MP1900 TVS Supercharger and custom tuning, combination of CGS and Magnussen Air intake, Gibson headers, raised Y-pipe, custom one-off CGS exhaust
Rearend: Narrowed 7 inches By Cook’s Machine Works and Totally Polished
Front Suspension: McGaughy’s drop spindles, DJM upper and lower control arms modified by Totally Polished for use with KP Components front airbag kit and Slam Specialties ’bags, Alston double-adjustable Vari-Shocks, raised trans crossmember by KP Components, front crossmember raised 1.5 inches by Totally Polished
Rear Suspension: KP Components step-notch and six-link with Watt’s link, powdercoated by Specialized Coatings, Alston double-adjustable Vari-Shocks, Viair dual Compressors, AVS tanks and hardware, GC valves
Brakes: Baer six-piston
Interior: Seats stripped down and reupholstered in black vinyl, black loop carpet, smooth headliner wrapped in perforated vinyl, remainder of interior dyed black or wrapped in black vinyl, Nu Image brushed gauge face, AVS digital switches and gauges, reproduction walnut GT steering wheel, stock radio with external ports and Rockford Fosgate separates.
Exterior: 1968 Camaro SS hood centersection grafted into stock hood, donor hood and SS egg crates from Classic Industries, ’68 Camaro park lights, Precision billet inserts and Bow Tie, Sir Michaels full tailgate skin and roll pan, custom-made bed corners by Totally Polished, smooth Gaylord lid with keyless remote access, tubbed bed using AVS kit plus inner fenders and notched firewall by Totally Polished, painted using Pearlized Gold over Fine Silver base using Auto Air Colors at Paint N Place, SS stripes by Simon, bed coating from Long Beach Line-X, brushed keyless door handles, painted taillights, smooth mirrors
Wheels & Tires
Wheels: 22x8.5, 22x10 Bonspeed Huntington, brushed and powdercoated centers
Tires: 265/40/22, 305/40/22 General Grabber UHP
Special Thanks
Chris Daley, Marcel Venable, Mike Sutton, Dana Zamalloa, Kristina Svirskaite, Jerry Sievers (Sr. & Jr.), Craig Kennedy, Kelly Inman, and Larry Crecelius



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