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650 HP 2005 Ford F-250 - Dark Horse

This 6.0L F-250 Runs at the Front of the Pack

Mike McGlothlin
Mar 16, 2015
Photographers: Mike McGlothlin
We all know someone whose first diesel truck was a Ford with a 6.0L Power Stroke engine under the hood. All head gasket and EGR issues aside—with their responsive engines, comfortable interiors, and more-than-affordable secondhand price tags, ’03 to ’07 Fords are pretty appealing to prospective first-time diesel owners. Justin Gerebizza found himself in that position in 2009, when a friend was selling this ’05 F-250.
Following his purchase of the rig, Justin’s penchant for horsepower and torque has essentially made him the poster boy for reaching the durability limits of stock and aftermarket parts. As of this writing, Justin’s self-implemented mods have killed a PowerMax turbocharger, found the threshold of the stock 5R110 automatic transmission, and even lifted a head after the 6.0L engine had already been studded.
Photo 2/13   |   In the diesel industry, Ford’s 6.0L Power Stroke engines are known for having stout factory bottom ends, and the one in Justin Gerebizza’s ’05 Super Duty is no different. The untouched, 180,000-mile short-block has held up fine thus far to all the truck’s added power. Up top, the heads are anchored to the block via ARP 2000 head studs, and they house a set of Maryland Performance Diesel 275/100 conventional fuel injectors. A Thumper II high-pressure oil pump from River City Diesel meets the injectors’ lubrication demands.
Since the engine had been upgraded with the aforementioned ARP head studs and a programmer, Justin decided the next logical step was to add more fuel and air, and he had the 6.0L running well after installing a 165-gph AirDog fuel system, Full Force Diesel 190cc injectors, and a drop-in PowerMax turbocharger. But unfortunately, the PowerMax wasn’t long for this world with that much fuel on tap. So, a T4 turbo mount and a fixed-geometry BorgWarner S366 turbo became suitable replacements.
The fuel ante was raised once again, this time with a set of Maryland Performance Diesel 275cc injectors equipped with 100-percent-over nozzles and a 220-gph Titanium Series FASS fuel system. Supporting the oil-hungry, conventional-style HEUI injectors is a Thumper II high-pressure oil pump from River City Diesel. Justin stepped up his turbo game as well, replacing the S366 with a billet-wheel S467 from Dirty Diesels. While implementing all these major upgrades, the heads were pulled and treated to new head gaskets—just in case. And finally, for good measure, a fresh oil cooler from Holderdown Performance was thrown into the mix.
Photo 3/13   |   Traction bars built by Flight Fabrications keep the rear wheels planted on the ground. The ladder-bar-style traction bars are made using 1.75-inch and 1-inch DOM tubing for strength.
So, how streetable is a 6.0L Power Stroke with a single S400 turbo? Thanks to a combination of good PCM tuning from Innovative Diesel, a TorqShift automatic rebuilt with SunCoast parts, and a 2,000-rpm stall triple-disc torque converter (also from SunCoast), Justin reports his Super Duty is very driveable on the street. And he should know, considering he pilots the rig to and from work every day of the week. You read that right, a highly modified 6.0L Power Stroke can indeed be reliable, used on a daily basis, and possess good street manners.
Once a diesel novice, Justin can easily be considered a 6.0L Ford expert now. Running multiple setups over the years has taught him what works and what doesn’t. And the parts combination his F-250 is currently sporting definitely works. With a soft launch and a passenger onboard, the truck recently ran a 12.6-second quarter-mile at 106 mph. Other than confirming at least 650 hp is making it to the ground, those stats prove any GM or Ram owner naïve enough to line up next to this Ford will have his or her hands full.
Photo 4/13   |   2005 Ford F 250 Rear Three Quarter
Fast Facts
Year/Make/Model: 2005 Ford F-250
Owner: Justin Gerebizza
Hometown: Cary, Illinois
Odometer: 180,000 miles
Engine: 6.0L Power Stroke V-8 with ARP head studs
Fuel: Fass Titanium Series 220-gph fuel system, Sinister Diesel regulated return, Maryland Performance Diesel 275/100 injectors, River City Diesel Thumper II high-pressure oil pump
Air: Dirty Diesels billet 67.7mm S400 turbo with Maryland Performance Diesel T4 mount, heavy-duty stainless steel up-pipes, Banks Power intercooler
Transmission: 5R110 TorqShift automatic with SunCoast triple-disc torque converter, billet input shaft, and internals
Horsepower: 650 hp (approx)
Torque: Not available
Tires: 305/50R20 Nitto NT420S
Wheels: 20x12 Fuel “Hostage”
Suspension: Flight Fab traction bars
Fun Fact: Justin and good friend Andrew Kruse of Kruse-N’ Diesel Performance performed all the work on the truck.
Fun Fact 2: Adding a four-link front suspension and an 88mm atmospheric ’charger are on Justin’s to-do list.



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