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This 2014 Ram 3500 Dually Is A Barn Burner

Bob Carpenter
Jul 9, 2015
Photographers: Bob Carpenter
Saying that Tim Nicolau has built a lot of nice trucks is like saying that there are a lot of stars in the sky. We're not sure that Tim has a supply of magic dust, but he sure knows how to make things sparkle! Attention to detail is not just a hollow slogan with Tim; it's the core of everything he does in both his line of work and his hobby of building awesome trucks.
The truck of the moment is this 2014 Ram 3500 dually that underwent a transformation in just a few short months as the pickup was received not long before the legendary SEMA show in Las Vegas. Tim put a lot of planning into the truck before the first parts arrived so that he wouldn't have any surprises.
Photo 2/27   |   The Ram was stickered up for the '14 SEMA show. Tim can't force himself to remove them as they look too darn good.
Right off the bat, he knew he wanted to have air suspension from Kelderman Air and he wanted to use the Hadley system. The Hadley Smart Air Management System (SAMS) keeps the truck level at all times no matter what type of load you put on the truck. The system is self-diagnosing and has a touchscreen. The Kelderman rear suspension lifts the truck 5-6 inches with long truck arms and uses Fox piggyback reservoir shocks. Ride quality was an important consideration for Tim, as he wanted to use the truck on a pretty regular basis for towing his "real" show truck around.
Tim is well known for building some incredibly well detailed pickups that are shown off at the SEMA show and this Ram was no exception. Lots of time went into powder coating, polishing, and chroming various parts underneath the truck. The suspension system itself is impressive but when it's all decked out with color and chrome it's a showcase. Painting the frame a nice gloss black gives the perfect background to show off all the pretty work too. That's an added step that many skip due to the complexity and time required.
Photo 3/27   |   An S&B cold air intake looks good and keeps the engine supplied with fresh air. Also boosting power is an Edge CTS with the Juice upgrade.
Sanding and painting a lot of plastic parts are also time consuming but the effect it has on the overall look of the truck is worth it. Tim worked over the mirrors, bed caps, door handles and more. The rear taillights, for another example, started out as aftermarket units from Recon Truck Accessories. Tim sent them to Plain ‘N' Simple and had them painted to match and also had an LED reverse pod installed.
Cleary, Tim is not afraid to spend the extra time to make his trucks special. He went to 323 Dually Sportz and had custom, one-off wheels made just for this truck. They don't even have an official name, Tim just calls them Sidewinders. For tires, Tim went with the popular Toyo A/T 2 tires in a 35-inch size.
Photo 4/27   |   The big air bags from Kelderman Air combine with Fox remote reservoir shocks to provide a comfortable ride.
One important add-on straight from the factory was the upgraded Aisin transmission. It's a German 6-speed tranny used in medium-duty trucks and Tim got it so that no matter what he did to the engine or how much weight he was towing behind the truck he wouldn't have to worry about the transmission being over-taxed.
Which is pretty much Tim's way of doing things. Go big, over-build it, take care of it, and then it will always serve you without fail. That's a good strategy for building a barnburner, that's for sure.
Photo 8/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Rear Drivers Side
Everything about the duallie is big...including the 5-inch MBRP stainless steel filter-back exhaust system.
Photo 9/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Rear Drivers Side
Every angle looks good on this Ram. The placement of 13 A-series lights from Rigid Industries makes sure no one misses seeing it at night.
Photo 10/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 323 Dually Sportz Wheel
Never seen wheels like this? That's right, they are one-offs made by 323 Dually Sportz
Photo 11/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Fab Four Bumper
A Fab Four bumper adds even more beefiness to the truck. Color matching makes it look like it came from the factory.
Photo 12/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Sidewinder Wheels
Tim calls these wheels "Sidewinders". If you want a set for yourself it would take a lot of campaigning.
Photo 13/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Lazer Etched K Projector Headlights
Plain And Simple worked over the projector headlights with a "K" laser etched into them, paint matching, chrome touches, and blue accent lights.
Photo 14/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Rigid Industries A Series Driving Lights
The Fab Four bumpers are loaded up with Rigid Industries A-Series driving lights so the country roads are never dark.
Photo 15/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Rigid Industries 40 Inch Light Bar
A 40-inch light bar from Rigid Industries on the bumper adds to the impressive candlepower available on this truck.
Photo 16/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Royalty Core Rc3dx Grille
The Royalty Core RC3DX grille was customized with some tasteful powder coating and chrome accents.
Photo 17/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Flog Industries Clevises
Clevises from Flog Industries are there in case anything needs to get ripped out of the ground...or pulled out of a mud hole.
Photo 18/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Rigid Industries 54 Inch Curved Light Bar
A 54-inch curved light bar from Rigid Industries adorns the top of the cab of the 3500. There's no shortage of light at night.
Photo 19/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Chromed Traction Bars
Chromed traction bars really stand out on the Kelderman Suspension.
Photo 20/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Powdercoated Differential Cover
The powder coated Mopar finned differential cover is surrounded by other blue detailed items that really make this truck look good.
Photo 21/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Amp Research Electric Steps
Amp Research electric steps open up with the doors and hide away once the doors are closed.
Photo 22/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Transfer Flow 50 Gallon Auxiliary Tank
The diamond plate Transfer Flow 50-gallon auxiliary tank means Tim doesn't have to stop for fuel as often, but the integrated toolbox also means he's ready to fix anything that needs work.
Photo 23/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Braided Brake Lines Chrome Sway Bar And Powder Coated Brackets
Braided stainless steel brake lines, a chrome sway bar, powder coated brackets and bolt covers...what else could be done to make this truck nicer? Can't think of much!
Photo 24/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Hadley System
The Hadley system keeps the Kelderman Air Ride level no matter what you're doing with the truck.
Photo 25/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Dual Steering Stabilizer Kit
A dual steering stabilizer kit keeps the truck tracking straight down the highway.
Photo 26/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Color Touch Screen
The color touch screen on the Edge CTS is easy to use and keeps the driver informed about everything that's going on inside the engine.
Photo 27/27   |   2014 Ram 3500 Flog Industries Bumper Clevises
Flog Industries provided the clevises for the bumpers.



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