Most sport trucks have their own, individual style; but how often do you see a truck that sports those little trick details no one else has created before? It’s not every day that we have to double- and triple-take a truck because we’re not exactly sure how the owner made it look so good. But every now and then, we find ourselves looking a truck over and asking its builder, “Something looks really nice here, but what is it? What did you do?” And that’s when beauty hikes up her skirt a little more, and our eyes are opened to the greater possibilities of automotive art.

John Bruno is one man who gave us a better peek into the ways of making trucks look good. John not only owns this super-clean ’94 Silverado Extra Cab, he also owns California Truckin’ Concepts in Rancho Cordova, California, and he’s quite experienced when it comes to customizing haulers. Several subtle aspects of his truck reflect his automotive ingenuity. You can see his expertise in things like a small thumb-hole in the door that looks like a frenched antenna, which is actually a custom door latch. It can also be witnessed in the mold work that filled all the bed and roof seams. You may see it in the masterfully executed hood-lengthening move, which eliminates the cowl, hides the wipers, and still opens without a scrape. Or you might catch a glimpse of John’s skill in the tiny space between the cab and bed, which was created by moving the entire bed forward. Of course, things like this not only illustrate the builder’s abilities, they also give the truck an appeal like no other.

Speaking of “no other,” John’s truck was the guinea pig for his shop’s custom, fully bolt-in Air Link suspension system. At the time of the installation, no other vehicle had a suspension like it. John’s package was extremely easy to install, and it gives the truck a beautiful, adjustable stance. Up front, fabricated arms accommodate the airbags, while the rear is cushioned by air springs that U-bolt to the rearend. John’s custom Super C-notch makes room for the rear bags. John put this all together so he could have a primo ride while covering the many miles he drives every day.

Once you get caught up oohing and aahing at all the outstanding details of this truck, though, it’s hard to believe that John could keep his truck looking so nice while using it as his daily driver. And when he points out the things on his truck that you’ve never seen before on any other truck, you’ll realize that it’s little details like this that contribute to making the whole deal a hard-to-beat crowd-pleaser.