Dennis Laffrey of Casselberry, Florida, isn’t old enough to remember the days when “mini” was a four-letter word in the custom truck world, never to be uttered around the fullsize contingent. Back in the good old days, mini-trucks weren’t exactly noted for their style and good taste as much as their shock value related to neon day-glo colors, tilting and spinning beds, and booming systems that took up more space than they were worth.

Today it has come full circle. Some of the nicest trucks come from the “mini” side of the fence. Dennis has followed the new wave of mini-truck slickness and come up with a frame-laying statement that is uniquely his own.

To get his point across, Dennis started with a ’95 Chevy S-10 and began the age-old ritual of creating his own personal four-wheeled nirvana. Dennis located a shop that could make all his dreams reality, and the first order of business was to put the rocker panels in their proper place, flat on the pavement. The Shop in Longwood, Florida, cured the height problem with a full set of Firestone airbags, 4-inch blocks in the rear, and a 4-inch body drop.

The Shop next got busy with the razor and began shaving everything in sight, including the front bumper, door handles and locks (relocated), wiper nozzles, third brake light, and gas door. While they were at it, The Shop added a Plymouth Duster hoodscoop, suicided the doors, welded in a Sir Michaels roll pan, and molded in the tailgate adding a Bow Tie third brake light for good measure. The revamped body was then handed over to Harper’s in Orlando, Florida, for Derek Cooley to lay on the rich coating of Volvo Saffron. Dennis complemented the fine work on the exterior with a chrome ’97 Blazer grille with composite headlights, a Gaylord’s tonneau cover, and a set of 17-inch Budnik Trilogy 3s wrapped in BFG Euro T/A rubber.

Dennis knew he wanted a full custom interior from floor to ceiling so he turned his truck over to 1st Class in Longwood, Florida, for the gray tweed wrapping. Dennis finished out the passenger area with a Budnik steering wheel, an APC gauge insert, and a Sony head routed to Boston Acoustic speakers.

Take note, fullsize purists. The “minis” are coming, and they are better, badder, and slicker than ever! Dennis Laffrey’s golden S-10 is undeniable proof of that.