What is it that drives people to extreme behavior? Is it a chemical imbalance in the brain? Or perhaps it’s caused by the full moon. You should probably ask Jim Hanson of Louisville, Kentucky. His extreme behavior manifested itself in this ultracool ’98 Ford Expedition. Jim isn’t one of those people who conform to the norm, and his Expo is the perfect example of this.

At first, Jim was a bit disappointed with the Earth’s gravitational effect on his Expo. So he went to B&F Extreme Suspension in Louisville, where they altered the altitude up front with a set of DJM upper and lower control arms, whose angles are adjusted by a set of Firestone airbags. Bringing up—er, down—the rear is a customized trailing-arm suspension activated by Firestone airbags and a custom-built C-notch for those extra precious inches of clearance. Belltech Drop Shocks all the way around take care of rebound from the 20x8 Niche Bahns wheels sporting 245/40ZR20 Michelin Pilot skins.

Jim cut loose on the body with some help from Bob Taylor of Bob Taylor’s House of Color in Louisville. Bob sprayed a variety of candy-colored graphics on the lower body to set off the factory Wedgewood Blue.

The interior of the Expedition is where Jim’s extreme behavior really showed itself. The cockpit features APC white-face gauges and carbon-fiber accents. Luke Leonard of Autosound in Louisville installed an unbelievable media system that would make any audiophile salivate. It features an Alpine CVA-1000 head unit, which has an integrated LCD video monitor and is hooked up to a 12-disc changer and a video cassette player mounted in the headliner. Phoenix Gold amplifiers provide 750 watts of power to MB Quart separates in the four doors and three Phoenix Gold 12-inch subwoofers mounted in a custom enclosure.

Jim isn’t seeking a cure to his extreme behavioral condition. In fact, he seems quite happy with it, and from the looks of his truck, a cure would only slow him down.