He told himself it was a daily driver. He told himself he wouldn’t get carried away. He told himself not to spend money, to keep it low key, to resist the urge to go all out. He was warned, but he gave in. Wouldn’t you? It started when Jeremy Miranda bought a set of rims from a friend. He bolted them on his Blazer, and almost immediately, images of C-notches, subwoofers, and shaved body panels flooded his head. All he could do was surrender to the insatiable urge that is customizing.

He started by altering the suspension system. Up front Jeremy used Firestone 2,600-pound bags and a set of Belltech shocks. The rear has been lowered with a custom-fabricated C-notch done by Preston Sport Trucks, 6-inch monoleaf springs, Belltech 4-inch blocks, and Firestone airbags to give it a dang low, 11-inch drop. The wheels are 18x8 Boyd Majestics wrapped in Falken GRB rubber.

Once it was low enough, it had to get a wild paint job. The nutzo graphics were laid on by Chris Tolson at Bones Designs in Hollywood, Florida. A Trenz polished grille was slapped on the front, and the body molding was completely shaved off. The windshield wiper squirters were also nixed. Jeremy and Chris worked together for six long weeks to get the exterior looking as awesome as it does. Chris did all the pinstriping by hand and used House of Kolor paint for all the graphics and sealed it with PPG clearcoat. The interior was the last thing to be modified and has been spruced up with a set of NR Auto white-faced gauges and an Alpine DVD player with a 6 ½-inch monitor. The sound system is the best feature of the interior and consists of an Alpine head unit, four Precision Power amps, MB Quart speakers, and a Boston Pro 10-inch subwoofer with a 12-band Precision Power crossover. The entire stereo is covered in graphite vinyl with a custom fiberglass box, all MDF flush panels, and a custom amp rack.

For something that was supposed to remain a stock daily driver, we’re pretty happy about the outcome. Stock is boring. This is great.