We know what you’re thinking: Holden? Maloo? Those guys at Sport Truck have finally cracked. Well, that’s true enough, but that happened a long time ago—long before we caught a glimpse of the ’99 Holden Maloo. General Motors’ Holden division has really come through for the Australian sport truck enthusiast with a true dual-purpose vehicle that lives up to its name.

Named for the Aboriginal word for thunder, the Maloo is Australia’s answer to the El Camino. This ute—Aussie for “truck”—is from Holden Special Vehicles. It’s powered by a 295hp, 350ci Holden V-8 engine and boasts one of the best power-to-weight ratios of any vehicle in the Holden family.

HSV didn’t stop there, though. The Maloo is also armed with a tuned sport suspension that features high-performance springs, gas shocks, and an antisway bar up front and high-performance springs and air shocks out back. The Maloo comes equipped with VT Clubsport-style 17-inch alloy wheels and premium Bridgestone S02 tires and four-wheel discs to bring it all to a safe stop.